Feb 15, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Books, Scary

Dr. Seuss Taxidermy

Because I was not born in the U.S. — my family moved here from Korea when I was 7 years old — I never even heard of Dr. Seuss until I was in high school. And while I found Green Eggs and Ham to be pretty amusing, I personally found Dr. Seuss’s illustrations to be a bit disconcerting.

Alright, I thought they were downright scary. 🙁

So when I happened upon the following sculptures of Carl Turner, who has created mounted heads of Dr. Seuss’s creatures, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Just take a look — wouldn’t you be scared of these as a little kid too?

Be sure to check out Carl’s DeviantArt gallery for more fascinating sculptures! The Fishbaby, in particular, is sure to warrant a second glance.

Via Neatorama

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