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Everybody Reads the Same Story Differently

Barney: Hey, The Karate Kid’s a great movie. It’s the story of a hopeful, young karate enthusiast whose dreams and moxie take him all the way to the All Valley Karate Championship. Of course, sadly he loses in the final round to that nerd kid. But, he learns an important lesson about gracefully accepting defeat.

Lily:  Wait, when you watch The Karate Kid you actually root for that mean blonde boy?

Barney: No, I root for the scrawny loser from New Jersey who barely even knows karate. (Rolls eyes.) When I watch The Karate Kid I root for the karate kid, Johnny Lawrence from the Cobra Kai dojo. Get your head out of your ass, Lily.

As the above scene from HIMYM illustrates, not everyone has the same point of view when reading books or watching movies.  😉  Even I find myself rooting for the supposed villain or the lowly sidekick on occasions.

This is exactly the premise behind ‘Everybody Reads the Same Story Differently,’ an advertising campaign by Y&R Bogotá of Colombia.

Can you believe that the ads are for an office equipment company? It makes me want to take a highlighter and start highlighting all the little things that are so easy to miss in life!


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