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Guest Post: Baseball & Relationships

When Alycia first contacted me about writing a post comparing baseball to relationships, I thought, ‘Cool! Why not?’

Then I realized that she would be writing about the Yankees. Bleech.  I’m not much of a baseball fan, but if I had to choose, I much prefer the Mets over the Yankees.

But how is this a reason to refuse a guest post from such an obviously sweet and passionate fan? Besides, for all I know, my readership might be FULL of Yankee fans and I just don’t know if because I never talk about them (so DO we have any Yankee fans out there?).


I’ve always said baseball is like a relationship. If you follow any given season you’ll notice that a season of baseball equates to about two years in a relationship.

Both baseball and relationships usually start out slow and steady, with dazed excitement over the newness of it all and casual day dreams of what will happen. Anything is possible in those first few months —championships, cute kids, you name it.

Then you get to the mid point — the All Star game for baseball, usually month 6 or 7 in relationships — and the trends mirror each other; you’ve been together a while now and are used to the moods of your chosen partner. You know which pitchers will cause a problem and who is lacking on offense. You become comfortable with each other and while still a little giddy and excited for what is to come, you start to notice the quirks and problems of your partner (or team). Things that you found so charming and enticing when you first started out now gets under your skin and makes you roll your eyes or yell at the television…

So what is my point?! Well the season is coming to an end and it is almost time for playoffs. And for me — being the spoiled, demanding, eager Yankee fan I am — it’s the start of the green eyed monster )not to be confused with the Green Monster at Fenway).

It’s the start of the bad part of my relationship with baseball. Now is the time I will be stressed out the most. Gone will be the woman involved in other things like my human relationship, friends, cleaning the house, reading and so forth. I will only care about the next play off game, the next match up and who exactly will make up our starting rotation.

The Yankees and how they play will become my relationship. I already speak as if I am on the team (but really, what fan doesn’t?!) and often speak as if I know how to run the team better than current management.

The Yankees made it to the post season last year, and needless to say, game six of the world series brought out the worst in me. There was yelling, cursing, pacing. I was a mad woman — demanding that obvious balls be called as strikes against the Phillies so they could just go away.

It will be worse this year because post season falls right in the middle of my wedding and honeymoon. And yes — you better believe I will search every paper in Italy until I find one that will give me the score to all the post season games.

The upside?! If the Yanks make it to the world series, B and I will be home to watch it.

Well…it’s an upside for me at least.

* * *

Anyone else excited about post season baseball?! Check out the crazy schedule here.

About the Author:

The Wonder Wall is tirelessly maintained by Alycia aka Miss Yankee who resides in Northern California. An avid fan of Disney and the Yankees, you can usually find Alycia in Disneyland or at a Yankee game. When not following her first two passions, Alycia is developing her other interests in photography and history and attempting to make it to graduate school. To follow Alycia’s journey, check out The Wonder Wall at: http://yankeeswonderwall.blogspot.com/

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3 Responses to “Guest Post: Baseball & Relationships”

  1. Beth says:

    Since my beloved Red Sox fell short with "too little, too late" this year … I'll have to say GO RANGERS!!!! 🙂

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