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Guest Post: Real Life “Sitcom”

Today’s post comes from Scottie Ann, whose life as an Army Wife can be viewed at Kelly Stadium. Reading this post resonated with me — having just given birth to a baby, your hormones are everywhere, you are sleep-deprived, and the things you’ve found enduring about your husband can start to annoy you to no end.

But after this? I am reminded once again that we love each other despite, and sometimes BECAUSE, of our faults.

And this tough post-partum period? It too, shall pass. 🙂

Enjoy this post — I sure did!

Since Aj deployed, I hate to admit, I have had a lot more TV time then I used to, or really should. Although, I tell myself it’s ok since I am usually multi-tasking when it’s on. But I’m just not used to sitting long enough to take in one 30 minute program, let alone two different hour-long programs. But my recent upgrade in viewing time has actually brought out some really fascinating sociological thoughts. One of which really hit me this week, thanks to the best gift God has ever given me, my husband.

I am a person with faults (I know, I can hear you gasp in surprise). In fact, I have many. One of them is my overly emotional immediate responses to different things. I get really worked up extremely fast and the emotions that come with it are just as high, I then spend a good 20 mins venting, at which point, I calm down and become a sensible and rationale human being again (no comments from the peanut gallery please). Poor Aj dealt with one of these “outbursts” earlier this week. I want to add here that I am not in any way saying this is when I get angry. It can be when I am angry, but also happy, sad, or just on a topical soap box. These outbursts are part of the glorious wonder that is me.

I am very aware that I do this, and I honestly try to keep it down as much as possible. I actually feel terrible after I get worked up cause I can be a real pain in the ass. I then apologize profusely for this obnoxious fault. This week, I was apologizing to Aj (I had been crying on the phone to him the night before) that I got so worked up so quickly and that I knew it was stupid. He then told me it wasn’t stupid. It’s ok, and that he understands. He didn’t say it to make me feel better, he said it because he really understands that, that’s me. That’s one of my faults and it’s part of who I am. After we got off the internet from him telling me that I am ok and not to be sorry, I immediately thought of one of my all time favorite quotes: “You don’t love someone despite their faults, you love someone with their faults.”

That night, I watched one of my newest favorite television shows, Bones. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s about a forensic anthropologist named Temperance Brennan who helps solve murders. She is ridiculously intelligent and very beautiful but when it comes to emotions and understanding the illogical part of being human, she is the equivalent of Data from Star Trek. Completely confused by illogical uses of emotions and psychology, she is a wonderful character on the shown because of this “flaw.”

This got me thinking, all of the characters on sitcoms that are the most loved, are that way because of their flaws. For example, every member in the cast of Friends has different flaws. Joey is a lovable lady’s man but not too bright. Monica is OCD and high strung, Rachel a spoiled rich girl, Rozz is like the human equivalent of Eeyore, Chandler a sarcastic mess, and who can forget Phoebe’s terrible music and eccentric ways? The flaws of these characters are what we love. Without them, the shows and people would be boring. We love them with their faults, not despite them.

I love Aj. I love the fact that when football is on, despite his best attempts, a conversation is borderline useless. I love the fact that he has so much energy that my dad asked us to go to the park to play (we are both in our 20’s). I love that he is so competitive playing Madden that we have agreed to adjust our “title” to boyfriend and girlfriend when we play against each other (so he never has to say the phrase, “My wife is beating me at Madden.”). I love how he whistles constantly for no reason. I love him with all of these things, and apparently, Aj loves me for all of my “flaws” as well.

I guess what I am saying, is that we should always try to improve and want to make ourselves better (I still am working on a way to curb my emotional craziness) but that we shouldn’t feel guilty or apologetic for our “flaws.” They aren’t faults, they aren’t even flaws, they are what makes us lovable, and when someone truly truly loves us, they love all the annoying things that come with us.

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My name is Scottie Ann. I’m an Army wife, personal trainer, cheesehead, huge sports enthusiast, self proclaimed nerd, and a bit of a girlie girl. My husband and I love our active and sometimes odd little life with our two dogs. Our blog is a bit about our life, sports, things we find amusing, current events, and everything in between. I am thrilled to have been asked to guest blog for the amazing Geek In Heels. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and come visit us over at Kelly Stadium, we’d love to have you over!

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