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Guest Post: When the One You Love Loves Legos

The following guest post comes from Amy of Parker Haus Roles, who has compiled a fantastic Lego Gift Guide (!!!), complete with pictures and links.

J and I can’t WAIT until our kids are old enough to start enjoying Legos. We’ve been eyeing the gargantuan Star Wars sets for quite some time now, waiting for an “excuse” to get them (and you know we’ll be using the girls as excuses once they start appreciating Lego!).

Be sure to check out Amy’s blog, because her adorable family of four (her, her husband, and their two cats) is constantly redefining the term “young, urban, and hip!”

I am married to a Lego Lover*. Where I have blogs and knitting he has Legos. I didn’t understand it at first. Growing up the only Legos I played with were the basic red, blue, yellow, and green bricks. Until we started dating I was completely unaware at the vast array of Lego sets. Imagine my delight when he showed me the Star Wars sets. I “might” even have a Princess Leia minifig on my keychain.

* A Lego Lover denotes a much more casual Lego hobbyist than the Adult Fans Of Lego (AFOL).

Living with a Lego Lover has been interesting:

  1. The dining room table sometimes gets hijacked as a Lego assembly area
  2. I frequently get dragged down the toy aisle to see if there are any new Lego Star Wars sets
  3. We each have separate hobby bank accounts in which we set aside money monthly. His is titled “Legos” and mine “Yarn” — it keeps us from casting a judgmental eye on each other’s hobby spending.
  4. At any time we might have a couple assembled sets around the house. Thankfully I’ve been able to work some of the pieces into our décor before they get disassembled and packed up.

The space shuttle was assembled this July in commemoration of the last shuttle launch. *sniff* The Space
Needle is a permanent décor item in our house. It was displayed on the cake table at our wedding.

I’m not alone; my friend’s husband also appreciates a good Lego set. He assisted my husband in building the space shuttle pictured above. It was a man-date if you will — a Lego man-date. Come to find out, our husbands aren’t alone. According to CBS, the Lego group estimates adult Lego fans to be about 40,000 strong.

As the wife of a Lego Lover, I keep my eyes peeled for unique and special gifts. My Pinterest LEGO board is full of ideas; it’s a Lego Lover gift-guide of sorts. I know that Jenny has a soft spot in her heart for Legos and wanted to share a sampling of these gift ideas with her readers.


Parker Haus’s Lego Gift Guide


1.  Lego Architecture Series: Robie House $199.99
2.  Lego Bento Box $34.50 Jbox
3.  Lego Volkswagen T1 Camper Van $119.99 in a word: AMAZING!
4.  Brick Calendar  $14.99
5.  Lego Architecture Series: Space Needle $19.99
6.  8GB Stormtrooper Minifig USB 2.0 Drive  $79.95 123smile when you plug him in he glows!
7.  Lego Start Wars Series:  Millennium Falcon with Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, Obi-Wan, and Vader minifigs $139.99 or if you really love your Lego Lover splurge on the Limited Edition Ultimate Collectors edition for $1899.99
8.  3 Piece Toy Organizer Cubes $13.81 perfect for when a set is in work and you need to dining room table for dinner

People are so creative in what they can make out of a Lego brick. Etsy has a trove of Lego lovin’ goodness, especially accessories.

9.  1 x 2 Interlocking Silver Lego rings $110.00 rubygirl these take “wonder twin power activate” to a whole new level.
10.  Lego Belt Buckle $25.00 BuckleUp
11.  Punk Rock Minifig cufflinks $18.00 DaRosa
12.  Lego stud earrings $5.95 bitsandbadges
13.  Silver pendant made from Lego casting $85.00 DesignedbyKristen
14.  2X2 Brick Money Clip $62.00 rubygirl
15.  C3-PO and R2-D2 mini-fig cufflinks $21.95 bitsandbadges
16.  2×2 brick cufflinks $5.95 bitsandbadges My husband and our groomsmen rocked these at our wedding.

Legos are working their way into the holiday itself in our house.

17.  Build your own Lego Heart Book for Valentine’s Day, complete with a spot for a wallet-sized photo $9.52
18.  I want to meet the chicken that lays the Lego eggs for this Easter basket $14.97
19.  At Halloween we set our 3-D Jack-o-Lanterns via Gizmodo
20.  I’m thinking of inviting this Turkey to Thanksgiving dinner $9.93
21.  Last year I made my husband’s Christmas by pulling together all the pieces to make the Lego Death Star Ornament designed by Chris McVeigh

While my husband hasn’t lit the fire of Lego building in me yet, I do have a lot of fun feeding his Lego love brick by brick.

About the Author:

Amy is also known as Mrs. Pretzel on Weddingbee.  She’s currently navigating newlywed life at Parker Haus Roles where she blogs a mash-up of home renovation, cooking, knitting, and life in the Seattle ‘burbs. She is a self-proclaimed beer geek, Zelda addict, and Star Wars purest. When nobody is looking she talks like a Muppet and dances like a maniac- much to her husband’s delight.

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6 Responses to “Guest Post: When the One You Love Loves Legos”

  1. Very cool!! Have you two ever been to Legoland, or is that definitely just for kids? I’ve seen a lot about it on the travel blogs lately because of the Orlando grand opening, and the biggest draw for me would be all the life-sized Lego sculptures. I love a good Lego sculpture.

  2. Lauren says:

    It’s amazing how far legos have come since I played with them!

  3. schmei says:

    I’m married to a Lego Lover, and we can’t wait until our son (now only two weeks old… so it will be a little while) is in to Legos.

    I may have to check out some of these gift ideas for DH for Christmas…

  4. Toyopia says:

    Lego were proud winners of the Toy of the 20th Century Award and now Lego Toys have become one of the world’s most loved brands.

  5. My husband REALLY wants that camper van

  6. Le gar莽on s’assit lentement et je me suis assis sur un peu, pour ne pas le tasser. Mais il tordu un doigt si je devais monter.

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