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Harry Potter: Facts Revealed [Infographic]

This Harry Potter infographic was compiled in “The Daily Prophet” wizarding newspaper style. It’s a bit difficult to read, but cleverly arranged and a must-read for any Harry Potter fan.

Via Nerd Approved.

P.S. — Speaking of Harry Potter facts, I am still eagerly awaiting the inevitable release of a Harry Potter edition of Trivial Pursuit. No, I have not heard anything about it, but it’s a give-in that they will create one, right? I can only assume that they’re waiting for the release of the final movie so that they can include scenes from all 8 films.

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One Response to “Harry Potter: Facts Revealed [Infographic]”

  1. LatteLove says:

    both this graphic and trivial pursuit game make me SO happy 🙂
    I never comment on these techy, info graphic feature posts, but I really enjoy them!!

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