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Harry Potter vs. Star Wars

I wonder if Harry Potter will hold the same significance to my kids’ generation as Star Wars does for mine?

Via Reddit.

Edited to add on 7/3/11:

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34 Responses to “Harry Potter vs. Star Wars”

  1. Ms Ulat Buku says:

    Heh heh … Good one!

    • Luciane says:

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  2. The last one made me squirt coffee out my nose! love it.

  3. Matt G. says:

    Probably yes, since parents in general don’t seem to care what violence their kids see. I saw ROTJ in theaters at age 5 but I can’t imagine letting an 8ish year old watch the latter Potter flicks.

  4. ABC says:

    Oh gosh, I love this!

    • Michael says:

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  5. Ha funny! I much prefer Han Solo over Ron though! 😉

  6. So funny, so true, but an amazing question non the less.

  7. Tim says:

    This is hilarious! Great comparison. Who would be Potter’s R2D2 or C3PO? Dobby the House Elf?

    • ADuffie26 says:

      Harry Potter’s R2D2 and C3PO = Fred and George Weasley. Helpful, yet providers of comic relief.

      Oh, and Obi-Won could overlap onto another position with Sirius Black: “Replacement Father Figure for Hero”.

  8. Richele says:

    Although I find the “token” comparison hilarious… I actually don’t think it applies that well to the harry potter books. For the movies, yeah, probably. But the books have a reasonably diverse cast of characters, even if it could be improved.

  9. poet says:

    This is one of the pictures that make me nod, and grin, and go “Exactly!”! So cool!

  10. Richard says:

    The pale deformed villain is the Emperor, not Vader.

    Vader/Anakin is the deformed villain’s assistant who betrayed the light side to go over over to the dark and took on a new name, namely Wormtail/Pettigrew. (admittedly wormtail isn’t as powerful)

    pity Sirius Black doesn’t really have an equivalent other than elements of Obi Wan, the Hero’s father’s friend who sacrificed himself for the Hero.

    And who are the Malfoys?

  11. Coogs says:

    And for those who enjoy this type of thing….

    I think Fleur Delacour and Aayla Secura can be reasonably compared. You know, for being powerful female characters who operate on the periphery of the main action most of the time but are always helpful to the heroic cause.

    Did you think I was going someplace else with that? Perverts.

  12. Jay says:

    The Millenium Falcon and Ron’s flying car are both pieces of junk that break down a lot but come through in a pinch.

  13. N says:

    AMAZING, simply this

  14. Looking Glass says:

    You can add the Lord of the Rings to the mix as well.

    Frodo, Luke and Harry were all raised by their uncles.

    Merry and Pippin, the Weasely Twins, and R2D2 and C3PO as the comic relief.

    Evil super-wizard: Voldemort, the Emperor, Sauron

    Wise mentor: Obi-wan Kenobi, Gandalf, Dumbledore All three of the wise men make an appearance after dying, too.

    Evil figure is redeemed after death: Anakin, Sirius, Gollum.

    The comparisons just go on and on.

    • RT251 says:

      They all follow the “Hero’s Journey” story line which is basically what all fantasy/adventure book series follow (the Eragon series has a lot of similarities as well).

  15. harmamae says:

    Wow, this makes the two look so similar! (And the above poster is right, lots of similarities with Lord of the Rings too!) Guess our favourite stories do tend to have shared elements that makes them classic.

  16. norm says:

    So what all you kids are saying. Is that star wars started it all, and rules over all. It’s ok to bow down to the ultimate story.

    • Ben says:

      Hell no! Star wars isn’t “dominant” over Harry Potter. They have some similar characteristics, but in reality, they’re completely different. Harry Potter, in my opinion, has a much more complicated story, and involves numerous plot twists and such. Star Wars has a very straight forward story, and a five year old could easily follow it. Harry Potter, in my opinion, is better then Star Wars. Oh, and Star Wars didn’t “start it all,” The Lord of The Rings books came out before Star Wars did, so if any of them “started it all,” then it would be Lord of The Rings.

    • Tim says:

      If you’ve only watched the hp movies you couldn’t really judge it
      Yes, Star Wars movies are much better than harry potter
      but Harry Potter books are the best, they get me hooked, i’ve read them like 11 times each.
      But Star wars books, i can’t stand.
      *Let’s add Lord of the rings*
      movies= Good-Awesome
      books= Fair-Good
      books= shit as hell
      movies= bad-fair(i only said fair because of the first three movies)
      books= Awesome

      it really depends if you’re a movie geek or a book worm

  17. neverlandranchsurviver says:

    Lol how the hell does the lord of the rings story and starwars compare at all… You must be the most intelligent man in the world to draw that conclusion lmao

  18. ladiesman01 says:

    Harry Potter beats star wars by miles.Star wars characters are just boring and it is old.Harry Potter characters are good looking,funny and i feel for them.why would I care for the star wars characters,they are just not classy and boring.There is fun,emotion,drama,horror,heartbreaks in hp all in accurate proportions.Besides it has a larger fan fiction stories both good and erotic;probably larger than lord of the rings.And the most important thing is never forget “NEW IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN THE OLD”

    • manish says:

      What??? u found star wars boring.omg u are an insult to the whole movie world please, stop watching movies..HP is great miles ahead of twilight buT it’s not good enough to be compared with epics and classics like STAR WARS,LOTR,007 OR GODFATHER.please try to undrstand the might and legacy of star wars and other epic, sure HP is good but please it is not good even to get compared with the legendary star wars or 007. if u are talking about box office performance,then please compare them according to inflation. in that case, there are many franchises which shows massive figures than HP. DARTH WADER is 2nd and HANS SOLO is 5th in Empire magazines top 100 great characters.

  19. otto zutz says:

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