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Husband Creates Food Art for Pregnant Wife on Bed Rest

I knew that I had to share this story with my readers as I totally teared up while reading it earlier today. (But then again, what doesn’t get me emotional these days? I cried while watching the newest episode of House last night.)

As my readers can testify, pregnancy is not all about unicorns farting rainbows. Take the case of Shirley Sirivong, who, after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, complete placenta previa, and incompetent cervix, was put on bed rest and a strict diet consisting of bland and dull food.

In order to liven up her meals and bring some cheer to her monotonous routine, Shirley’s husband Gat began to make funny faces out of boiled egg and toast. From then on, the food art started to become more elaborate, imaginative, and fun…

These are just a few of the beautiful, diabetic-friendly breakfasts that Gat created for Shirley. You can view 19 of the dishes at

Shirley has now been on bed rest for 3 months. She is due on December 19 and they’re expecting a boy. Best wishes to Shirley, Gat, and the baby!

Via Miss Cellania.

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  1. Mina says:

    that's pretty much the sweetest (and cutest) thing ever.

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