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In a Funk

It’s easy to act happy.

It’s easy to say, “Good!” and paste a smile on your face when someone asks you how you’ve been doing.

It’s easy to get off your ass and do things that are required and/or expected of you.

Heck, it’s even easy to act all chipper and upbeat on your blog, lest a random visitor stops by and decides to check out the first page.

With my youngest this past weekend

But it’s not easy to keep it going.

In fact, it’s utterly draining.

I have my good days, and I have my bad days. And for the last week or so, I have had more bad days than good. I’m not sure exactly why. Is it because the days are getting shorter? Perhaps it’s some sort of chemical imbalance? Do I need to up the dosage of my antidepressants?

For all I know, it could just be a temporary setback.

But there’s no denying that I’ve been in a funk.

Look how big Claire has gotten! I can’t believe my oldest will be turning 2 soon.

This Saturday, I leave for L.A. for a friend’s wedding. J insisted that I take this mini-break by myself while he takes a couple of days off from work to take care of the girls. And as much as I will miss them, I also know that this will be my first vacation since June 2010, when I was still pregnant with Claire and we took our babymoon…and I am in dire need of some R&R — mental as well as physical.

Let’s hope that this dip is, in fact, temporary and that I will feel better soon.

And in case I do I post much rest of the week, or for the duration of my stay in L.A. —

Be sure to keep checking, because I will be hosting two giveaways in the near future!

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7 Responses to “In a Funk”

  1. Emma says:

    The girls are getting so big!! I hope you have a fun trip =)

  2. Sarah says:

    So sorry you are still hurting : ( Stay strong mama, you will beat the funk!

  3. Carly says:

    I’m so sorry to read this, Jenny. I really hope this funk is temporary, and that your L.A. trip gives you a little boost! You deserve to be happy and enjoy your life. Take care of yourself. Lovely photos of you and your cute girls, by the way. 🙂

  4. Brian says:

    Hey, just wanted to say I don’t know what it is like to be a mother or a father, but I do know what it is like to have your bad days outweigh your good days – it isn’t very fun. Hooray for taking a break!

    PS I like how you used the happy photos (good shots by the way!) to counter-balance the serious tone of the post. 🙂

  5. Grace says:

    I hope you feel better soon (and that your upcoming vacation helps your mood a bit)!

  6. S says:

    You sound really unhappy with your life. Have you considered finding a job and putting the girls in daycare? An unhappy mother is not better than that.

  7. Even though my struggles have been more on the body end (chronic migraines, chronic fatigue), I know exactly how hard it is to take care of little ones day after day when mommy’s not doing so well. Just wanted to send some empathy your way. Hope the break does you a world of good, and hope you find some longer-term solutions when you return. Hugs.

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