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Makeup Magic

A guy friend once told me that he would never date a girl until he has seen her sans makeup first.

“You never know what you’ll wake up next to in the morning,” he said. “And trust me — club, bar, and lounge lighting is cunningly deceptive!”

I personally don’t think my girlfriends and I look that different without makeup. Do we look better? Sure. But we still look like us…just a more polished version of ourselves.

So just based on this small sample, I dismissed my guy friend as being overly paranoid.

Now, I am not so sure.

Take a look at these photos from a Taiwanese television show. One side of these girls’ face is makeup-free, while the other is completely done:

The YouTube video of the entire show can be seen here.

I don’t know about you, but those are some freaky transformations! I can’t believe this was all done with makeup alone (well, contact lenses too) — the eyes, in particular, look completely different!

One part of me is a bit disgusted at the drastic changes that these girls believe they need in order to look attractive. However…

…the other part wants to learn how to do this!

I am reminded of my own transformation three years ago, when I had my wedding hair & makeup trial with the amazing Maureen & Claudia Pedala:

Yes, the amazing power of makeup.

I remember being so stunned after seeing these ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures that I considered taking a makeup lesson from Maureen…but alas, she charges $200!

Via Absolutely Fobulous.

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11 Responses to “Makeup Magic”

  1. Jill says:

    I’m not sure if I think those girls look better with the makeup or without the makeup. I definitely think your makeup looks great as it accentuates your features rather than trying to make you look like a completely different person.

  2. eemusings says:

    She also has a contact lens in, right?

  3. Liesal says:

    Not sure how I feel about this either. I think it’s kind of sad that in order to look "attractive" the girls’ eyes are made to look white/American.

    • Sherry D. says:

      You are wrong. They are not trying to look “white/American”. Besides, what does a “white/American” look like anyway? Are you referring to white people who migrated or live in The United States of America? You need some serious education. Keep in mind, all makeup jobs tend to make women’s eyes bigger and brighter, and fake eye lashes are not unusual among ANY ethic groups. It is no exception in this case. They are just trying to make their eyes bigger and brighter, to me it’s totally unnecessary, of course.

    • Justina says:

      I agree with Sherry D. These girls aren’t trying to look white/American. I don’t want to sound coarse, but it’s people who have the same mentality as you who create debates about how Asian want to look ‘more Westernized’ (which is…of course, ridiculous).

  4. Becca says:

    Amazing! And a great argument for avoiding girls who wear too much make-up…

  5. Emily says:

    There’s a difference between wearing makeup to "polish" yourself and another to change the way you look 180 degrees. But I guess I would do the same thing if I felt I needed that much makeup. But the first girl’s "done" eye looks freakishly large with crazy spider fringe! And the other girl just looks weird with those contact lenses in! I don’t know anyone in real life who goes out wearing such excessive makeup…really it is almost costume-y.

  6. birdie says:

    that is the freakiest thing i’ve ever seen! i can’t believe what they have done to their eyes. so freaky.

  7. I actually think the girls looked better before. They are definitely skilled at doing makeup, though. And I’m completely mesmerized by what contacts and fake lashes can do. I think it’s costume-y and fun, but seems that would be hard to maintain on a daily basis. And it is sad that they think a wholesale transformation of their natural beauty is better than accentuating it. I like the way your makeup was done for your wedding. Like you said, it’s natural and brings out your best features while keeping you looking like ‘you’.

    Also, the comments on the video were really terrible!

  8. Jaime says:

    As someone that got teased for their looks growing up I don’t think there’s anything wrong with makeup we live in a visual society and like it or not people are judge based on their looks we can try to deny that all we want but all of us make an attempt to present ourselves well. Its a harsh world.

    After being teased in high school and in my early twenties, I got a nose job, dental veneers, and lasik surgery and believe me it has made a huge difference in my self-esteem. I also care about other things besides how I look, but we live in a cold world that judges people by how they look. I don’t regret getting any work done.

  9. Z says:

    I’m now fucking scared as all hell. Thanks for the nightmares.

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