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Meeting Allan Houston!

I met Allan Houston last night!

In case you don’t know, Allan Houston is one of my biggest celeb crushes. I was crestfallen when he retired, but was always ecstatic to see him do correspondence work on ESPN. I always told people that I’m convinced if he ever met me in person, he’d leave his wife and marry me.

We were drinking beer and shooting pool at Slate last night when a friend returned from the men’s room saying, “I think I saw Allan Houston in the bathroom.” At first I thought he was teasing me and I told him that’s not funny. Then he pointed at Mr. Houston…

He was with a small group playing ping-pong. He looked even better in person than he does on TV. And naturally, very, very tall.

In my pleasantly buzzed state, I insisted that I need to go over and talk to him (I’m not sure I would’ve had the balls to do so if I weren’t under the influence of alcohol). When his bodyguard wasn’t looking, I snuck over and introduced myself. I shyly asked for an autograph and he happily did so. But when I asked for a picture, his bodyguard (who appeared out of nowhere) barked, “No pictures!” and shooed me away.

However, I feel very lucky because afterwards, a few more people tried to talk to him but was always blocked out by the bodyguard.

Here’s the autograph….the only piece of paper I had was a receipt!

Sadly, I don’t think Allan wanted to marry me. 🙁

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