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Movie Title Math Quiz

I may be a geek, but a math geek I am not. I’m actually pretty horrible at math — bad enough that J doesn’t trust me to teach our kids any math beyond basic arithmetic.  😳

I am, however, a big movie buff so I thought that I may be able to decipher at least some of the clues in this movie title math quiz. The result? A big FAIL. I could not get even one answer.

Hopefully my readers are better mathematicians. How many can you get?

Via Geeks are Sexy.

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6 Responses to “Movie Title Math Quiz”

  1. Emily Jayne says:

    I think the first two are The Matrix and Signs, but other than that I’m lost!

  2. Fco says:

    I only got Matrix and sin city

  3. Stephen Collings says:

    Lower right is Beauty and the Beast.
    Fe x Fe might be Iron Cross…
    Right middle is… The Social Network?
    Lower left, there are actually two recent movies called “Complex”, could be simple as that.
    My immediate thought on second one down, left, is Fireproof, but that’s not a proof.

  4. David says:

    Fe x Fe could possibly be Iron Man 2, but that’s a stretch.

  5. Thank you all for participating! Here are the answers (as gathered from the web):

    1: The Matrix
    2: Signs
    3: The Fireball, or Ball of Fire, or Great Balls of Fire
    4: Duck Soup, or The Mighty Ducks
    5: Cross of Iron, or Iron Man 2
    6: A Man Apart, or A Man Alone, or Social Network
    7: Sin City
    8: Heat
    9: GoldenEye
    10: Beauty and the Beast, or Angels and Demons

  6. Nadine says:

    I got The Matrix, Signs, Social Network, Sin City and Angels and Demons.

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