Mar 20, 2011  •  In Marketing/Advertising, Touching, Web

If You Can Spare 5 Minutes…

Watch this inspirational tearjerker of a video.

Produced by TMB (Thai Military Bank), the video is a part of an ad campaign that challenges people to make a difference. It tells the true story of how a group of boys from a tiny floating village called Koh Panyee overcame the odds to bring soccer into their hometown.

Via The Daily What.

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One Response to “If You Can Spare 5 Minutes…”

  1. Ang says:

    What a great story of ingenuity and creativity. I love to witness those “lightbulb moments” with own sons as they scheme and devise new ways to do things … even though it’s usually mischief! I think I will share this video with them. Thanks for sharing.

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