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My Murtaugh List

Last night, J and I watched the old episode of How I Met Your Mother which talks about the Murtaugh List.

Urban Dictionary defines the Murtaugh List as:

A list made famous from the TV show “How I Met Your Mother” inspired by Danny Glover’s charater Roger Murtaugh in the movie series “Lethal Weapon.” Murtaugh’s catch phrase in these movies was “I’m too old for this shit” Putting something on the Murtaugh List acknowledges that as you grow up, there’s stuff you just can no longer do that you did in your youth.

I have watched this episode numerous times before, but this time around I couldn’t help but remember that I will be turing 30 later this year and started to wonder what would be on my Murtaugh List.

According to the episode, the following items are on Ted (the main character)’s Murtaugh List:

  • Pulling an all-nighter
  • Get ear pierced
  • Hanging posters without frames
  • Crash on a friend’s futon
  • Eating an entire pizza in one sitting
  • Do laundry at mom’s house
  • Put off going to the doctor
  • Drinking shots with strangers
  • Leave an annoying two person message on your answering machine
  • Help someone move out of a sixth floor walkup in exchange for pizza and beer
  • Beer Bong
  • Going to a rave

While I can’t agree with everything on Ted’s list (I still enjoy the occasional drinking games like beer bong and flip cup), I certainly see eye-to-eye on most of them.

For example, the older I get the more I realize how intrusive — and sometimes presumptuous — to ask a friend to crash on their futon/couch/floor. (Sorry to all my friends whom I’ve done this to over the years!) Now, I only stay at a friend’s place if they offer first, and if they have a spare bedroom. Otherwise, I much prefer a hotel room for my own comfort, convenience, and privacy, in addition to my friends’ sanity.

Other items on my Murtaugh List would include:

  • Sleep past noon
  • Talk on the phone all night (because I can’t stay up all night anymore anyway)
  • TyPiNg LikE diS
  • Going to a bar with no money, with the assumption that I’ll find a guy to pay for my tab (yes, I’ve successfully done this many times in the past) 
  • Do stupid dares in public
  • Hang Christmas lights indoors for decorative purposes
  • To “get” the Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber
  • Drive around with really loud music, bass pumping, and windows rolled down

What about you? Do you have a Murtaugh List? Are there certain things you’ve found that you just can’t do anymore as you get older?

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7 Responses to “My Murtaugh List”

  1. I’m in agreement with most of Ted’s list, sadly, as an old 30 y/o… but I wanted to point out that Ted meant drinking from a beer BONG and not playing beer pong. 🙂 Beer pong will, sadly, never die at tailgates. But I’m pretty sure I’d pass out now from a pass with the beer bong.

  2. Geek in Heels says:

    @Kim — Ahh good point! How did I mess that up? Blame it on the pregnancy brain… (like how I found my glasses in the microwave)

  3. Rhey says:

    To call in another HIMYM-ism — Being a woo girl

  4. Geek in Heels says:

    @Rhey — Haha you’re so right! I’m gonna add that to my list too!

  5. denise says:

    my boyfriend is turning 35 next month- i’d love to throw him some sort of "murtaugh list" type birthday party. any ideas? i’m thinking of starting a list and then trying to get him (and friends) do the things at the party… and ramen and other college foods would definitely be on the menu…

  6. Olivier says:

    Hey Geek in Heels !

    This episode is one of the best of How i Met your Mother 🙂

    I find this awesome website related to your post:

    See you !

  7. Ali says:

    U forgot coloring hair a funny color

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