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New Harry Potter Book Covers Coming This Fall

Come September 1st, Bloomsbury Publishing will re-release the beloved Harry Potter series with brand-spankin’ new dust jacket designs. Created by UK illustrator Jonny Duddle, these new covers certainly seem darker and more detailed than the originals, depicting specific scenes from each book. Take a look!








Is it just me, or does Harry look anime-inspired? And if I had to criticize one thing about these designs, it would be that Harry doesn’t seem to age over the course of 7 years.

What are your thoughts on the new covers? I like the originals better, but they certainly could’ve been worse!

Via Mashable.

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One Response to “New Harry Potter Book Covers Coming This Fall”

  1. Call me sentimental but I like the original covers more. I even like the adult “dark” ones more. Out of all of them though, I like Book 6’s cover the most though.

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