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On the Upside…

The house is clean, the decorations are up, the food is ready, and I’m about to go wash up and put on my hanbok.

But the emails and text messages have been arriving since last night.

“Our neighborhood has been evacuated…we’re so sorry but we won’t be able to make it to the party.”

“They’re saying all bridges, tunnels, and public transportation will be shut down. We may not be able to come.”

“Is the party still on?”

I hope that even if no one but immediate family members can make it, we can still have a sweet and memorable dol for Aerin.

On the upside, we are sooo glad right now that the banquet hall didn’t work out. We could have been out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

I hope everyone stays safe with Sandy on the way!

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7 Responses to “On the Upside…”

  1. Christine says:

    I can’t wait to see the updates!!! Hope it’s a beautiful dol and be safe!!

  2. Kit says:

    No kidding! You lucked out!
    Guess terenis something to be said about silver linings?

  3. Serenely says:

    Hope your family is doing ok amidst all the hurricane drama over there. And I guess all things worked out for good in the end. No matter what, hope you all enjoy a wonderful and meaningful celebration with Aerin’s 1st.

  4. Annie says:

    Elyse showed me some pictures and all of you look so beautiful! I wish I could have been there!!! Happy early birthday little Aerin, I miss you!

  5. Nellie says:

    I hope it went well. Happy birthday to Aerin!

  6. I hope all went well. I can’t wait to see the photos. Your bunny tower was just adorable. Happy Birthday to Aerin.
    And I hope all is well and safe for you and the family. I was watching the news. Looks pretty bad with Sandy at your doorstop.

  7. It worked out for the best. I’m so happy you didn’t manage to book the hall!!!

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