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Pet Travel Kit

I am very lucky to have parents who love dogs and so do not mind watching Comang whenever J and I have to go away. (And I imagine this will also be the case when our baby girl is born.)

Whenever we pack his stuff to go “stay at grandma and grandpa’s,” we usually stuff everything into a large shopping bag because we know everything will be dumped out upon arrival. However, if we were ever to travel with him, I wouldn’t mind something like this…

This pet travel kit from Orvis includes a collapsible bowl, a collar/lead combo, a roll of pickup bags, and a basic first-aid kit. It also features four elasticized compartments where you can store treats, wipes, and other necessities.

The $59 price tag (currently on sale for $44) is a bit hefty in my opinion, but I love the colors and design!

Via Dog Milk.

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