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Post-Partum Hair Loss

A couple of weeks ago I noticed an unusual amount of hair lying around the house.

Note that I am always “shedding” a lot of hair — one of my ex-boyfriends used to say that he could always tell which rooms I have been in just by looking at the hair on the ground — so imagine just how much more hair there must be for me to become concerned.

My post-partum hair loss had started.

I had read that some women’s hair can fall out in clumps, and that’s exactly what has been happening to me. Chunks of matted hair on my pillow. A mangled mess in the bathroom drain. And hair everywhere on the floor.

I keep my hair up in a tight bun when I am home and there is still hair everywhere. It has gotten to a point where I vacuum twice a day because the amount of hair on the floor and on the couch disgusts me.

I have found that the hair loss isn’t quite as bothersome if I blow-dry my hair right after showering. This way, I can get out the majority of the hair in one go — whereas if I let my hair air-dry, which I used to do before this debacle, my hair will fall out gradually all over the house.

And for those who may be thinking, ‘It can’t be THAT bad. She must be exaggerating,’ here’s a picture of the amount of hair that was on the floor this morning after blow-drying my hair (and I didn’t even use a brush!):

My friend Kelly  wrote about a product that has helped her with her post-partum hair loss — the Redken Extremé Anti-Snap leave-in treatment. I usually don’t like using products in my hair but I may have to get a bottle to avoid going bald. I also plan to start taking prenatal vitamins again because my nails have been a complete mess too.

I always tell my friends that the only thing I miss about being pregnant is being able to feel my baby move inside of me. Now I have two others to add to the list: thick, luscious hair and strong, healthy nails.

You may have noticed that I have gone back to my old blog design. After a couple of weeks with the new design, I decided that it just wasn’t me and found myself missing my old layout.

Although I’ve been comfortable working with WordPress in the past, I have learned a lot re-creating my old Squarespace design as a WordPress theme. As such, I am thinking of doing a series of posts on WordPress theme design and development…in simple layman terms and using lots of screenshots. However, I know that this would be VERY time-consuming, so I would only do it if there is enough interest.

Would any of my readers benefit from my writing some tutorial posts on how to get certain things to look the way you want in WordPress?

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11 Responses to “Post-Partum Hair Loss”

  1. PaigeSix says:

    Holy crap! That’s a lot of hair loss! I had no idea there was such thing as post partum hair loss!

  2. Oh man, how I hated the hair loss! After my little venture into chemo in my 20s, I just don’t have much extra to lose. My hairline got very, VERY wide. But if you hang in there, after what feels like far too much time, it WILL (more or less) grow back.

    On the WordPress front, I am reading feeds while taking a break from the endless process of transferring my Squarespace blog over to WP. (Don’t tell me you figured out a way to automate the photos??!? I’m dying doing each one by hand.) So, yeah, I’d definitely be interested in any wisdom you choose to share! And I can only take any step in WP by Googling like mad, so I speak on behalf of the many Googlers out there who would benefit from your wisdom but aren’t necessarily around to speak up for themselves right now.

    • Ohh yes. The photos are a big PITA! Luckily I still have my Squarespace account, so I didn’t need to move any of my files (all my old photos will continue to be hosted on Squarespace’s servers) — all I did was export the Squarespace blog data, then used a text editor to search and replace all the instances of the old path to the new one.

      The best way I can think of for you to transport your data would be to download the files (one by one…don’t you wish Squarespace supported FTP?) and upload them to your new server in the same file structure. Then perform a search and replace on the URLs as necessary.

      Once you are settled into WordPress, I would install the Broken Link Checker plugin to see which URLs/paths still need fixing, and if necessary, use the Redirection plugin to easily perform 301 redirects without having to fuss with your .htaccess file.

      Good luck!

  3. The hair loss is probably what drove my mom to cut her hair really short after having my two younger sisters. I hope that the new product helps!

    And I would love to have a tutorial on how to customize WordPress themes. I am so bad with coding stuff, it would be nice to know where to start!

  4. Christine says:

    Sucks about the hair loss… one of my friends told me just last night that she had recently started her hair loss at 5 mos post partum. I hope I won’t lose too much!

    As for the tutorial, yes, please! I’d love a tutorial on how to set it up.

  5. Kate says:

    I would LOVE a tutorial on WP – It’s an ongoing nightmare for me since I love to change up my layout and find that it takes me forever to figure out how to do one little thing – and so many hours of googling.

    The postpartum hair loss is a little terrifying. I love my hair and how thick it is. Yikes.

  6. Hey not sure if this would be helpful to you or not… but I started losing hair about a year ago (not sure if it was stress or my birth control meds) and it was grossssss. My hubs actually asked if I needed to go to the doctor, it was both disgusting and freaky. I started taking a good amount of biotin (a b vitamin) and my hair loss slowed and my hair grew pretty fast. Just an idea. It’s super duper cheap too; I think I got a bottle at Target for $2? I took 2x the amount (maybe more?) that was recommended daily on the bottle.

  7. jane says:

    Yes to your last question. It would def help since I am transitioning to another WordPress blog but it will be more customized. Thank you Jenny and I hope that hair product works out incase I may need something like that someday.

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  9. […] Unfortunately 10 weeks after expelling a tiny human out of your body. All of your hair starts to fall out, well not all but most of what should have fallen out during pregnancy. Washing your hair is a nightmare and brushing it and if you want to wear your hair down get ready for the back of you to look like chewbacca as all the hair lands on your clothes; now that I think about it if I had a full head of hair like chewbacca things would be looking up A daily occurrencePhoto Credit: Here […]

  10. lily says:

    Best way to rescue hair from hair loss try bio hair treatment it is very safe and easy..

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