Aug 15, 2009  •  In Art/Design, Music, Personal

Qubic – Frame Your Music

Back in the early 90s, I had heard of CDs but dismissed it as an expensive fad…

…until one day when I visited a friend. Her parents had bought her a CD player for her birthday, and I quickly became enthralled at its superior sound quality over cassette tapes. The best part? You could skip to the next track.

I quickly began a campaign for a CD player as my upcoming birthday + Christmas gift. I joined Columbia House and BMG (remember those?). Over the next decade, I managed to accumulate quite a CD collection. I believe I had over 1,000 CDs at my last count which took place one lonely Saturday night back in 1998.

Then came the era of digital music. My massive collection of CDs now sits untouched in my parents’ basement, doing no more than gathering dust.

Yesterday, Yanko design posted the Qubic. Designed by Kenneth Lylover, these combination-frame-slash-storage-devices may be the solution to my unused CDs…at least the pretty ones.

Now, if only someone were to provide a solution for my MiniDiscs…

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