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I love the latest Twitter meme – #songsincode!

Similar to the internet meme Songs in Chart, here geeks are able to flaunt their creativity and programming know-how by expressing popular songs in code!

Some of my favorites:

@cael_gomes try{ make(&me); goto rehab; }catch(){ I.said(“no, no, no\0”); }

@jamesstephenson a = [“head”, “shoulders”, “knees”, “toes”] while parent.sane a.each do |x| {child.pat(x); child.sing(x);} child.volume+=5 end

@glenndavid if (Mc.hammer) { this.touch = false; }

@billreiss switch(day) {case Mon:color=blue;break;case Tue:case Wed:color=gray;break;case Thu:break;case Fri:love.Add(i);break;}

@3rdEden if(rickAstly) { rick.rolled = true; }

@mattmetzger: for each (var person in sky) { if (person == lucy) { add(diamonds) } }

@giovannibassi && (null) else “matters”

This is like geek karaoke, don’t you agree?

Via Designer Daily.

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