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The Baby Name Map [Google Maps]

Check out the Baby Name Map to find out which names are most popular in your state (or country), all conveniently laid out on a Google Map. What’s interesting is that many of the most popular names seem to have no state or country boundaries, which wouldn’t have been the case just 50 years ago with limited media and mass communication channels.

I think that J, whose primary requirement in choosing baby names was not to know anyone in real life with that name, would be happy to find out that the name we chose for our girl does not seem to be very popular at the moment. Neither the first nor middle name made it to the top 100 in the state of New York, and the first name barely made the top 100 in New Jersey.

Via ohdeedoh.

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One Response to “The Baby Name Map [Google Maps]”

  1. Jessica says:

    Very cool. I love Google Maps and should start seeing everything they can do. As someone named Jessica – the most popular name the year I was born, and for many years after – I am a big fan of choosing an uncommon name for your child! However, I also like to think I'm living proof that a common name is no setback.

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