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The Power of Social Media, the Invisible Line, and a Giveaway!

I am fully aware of the fact that in order for a blog to grow and become popular, I need to be proactive and “get out there.” Social media. Guest blogging. Maybe perhaps some advertising.

But honestly? I’m too lazy.

That is why I am so grateful for my internet friends who link to Geek in Heels from their sites. I love you guys — I really do!

And when power Digg/StumbleUpon/Delicious users link to my site, the traffic literally spikes through the roof…and brings with it more regular visitors and subscribers.

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I always said that there is an invisible line that is to be crossed for all bloggers. A line, once crossed, will bring in organic traffic and continue to build regular visitors and subscribers.

This line is different for all. For me, it was the mark of 500 subscribers. For the longest time, it was the number I sought to reach and could never quite get there. The number continued to hover and plateau just below 500.

If you are a blogger, did/do you have an invisible line?

In my case, I was finally able to break through the invisible line with the help of Digg, StumbleUpon, and Delicious power users. To those users, I sincerely thank you!

Because there were days (okay, only two specific times) where I saw my number of subscribers go up by 100-200 overnight. And as I had predicted, the number of subscribers and regular visitors only continued to grow as soon as I passed the invisible line.

Geek in Heels now enjoys over 25,000 unique visitors a month. I know that number is small fries for most power bloggers, but I am quite proud of what I have accomplished.

While I certainly wish more visitors would comment (doesn’t every blogger?), I understand that a my posts do not always warrant comments. Just look at über-popular sites such as Boing Boing — millions of visitors a month with a strikingly disproportionate number of comments.

And since none of this would be possible without YOU, my readers…

What type of content would you like to see more of on Geek in Heels?

Is it pregnancy/babies? More geeky stuff? The sharing of random things I’ve found on the web? Personal, day-to-day musings?

And in order to get you all to really think about this question and leave pertinent feedback, I have decided to do a giveaway!

I will choose one comment for this post via a random number generator and that person will win a custom illustration!

The giveaway will end this Friday, June 11 at 3:00pm EDT. The winner will be announced as an addendum to this post, and I will contact the winner via email as well.

All comments without a valid email address will be disqualified (how else would I contact you if you won?), and only one comment is allowed per person.

Thanks in advance for your feedback, and thank you for reading Geek in Heels!

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36 Responses to “The Power of Social Media, the Invisible Line, and a Giveaway!”

  1. baeshinja says:

    BABY + RELATIONSHIP/MARRIAGE STUFF! but don’t lessen the geeky stuff! < it…

  2. BB says:

    If I’d have to pick a favorite… hmm… musings. Yep. And the geek stuff helps me show off to my geektastic husband, so it’s also greatly appreciated. And the baby stuff is cool too. So yeah. I’m no help: I like it all.

  3. Lauren says:

    I’d prefer more geeky stuff and random stuff on the web, but I read all of your posts so I think it’s more important that you to write what YOU are passionate about. So if you want to comment on pregnancy/babies, go ahead!

  4. That’s an impressive "line" — by comparison, I was just thinking yesterday that my blog tagline should be something like "delighting TENS of readers since 2007." 😉

    Sounds like you definitely have a challenge in terms of a hugely diverse reader base, which means the only way to keep from going crazy is either to (1) pick a specific niche and mostly stick to it or (2) just be true to yourself, whichever random directions that may take you. As a blogger I’m always in favor of #2 because it allows more freedom, but I suspect #1 usually has more upside in terms of readers. Personally, I love your mix of personal, geeky, and random!! And I think your "cultural quirk" posts stick in my mind the most, just because it’s something I never see elsewhere and it makes for interesting bits of new knowledge.

  5. stacey says:

    i like random web findings, baby/pregnancy, and daily thoughts. 🙂 and geeky stuff, i’m a fan of that too. i normally read on google reader… so i only comment when a post is really applicable to me.

  6. Congratulations!

    My invisible line seem to be in 500s. 500, 1000..

    I do have to say I really enjoy your random ramblings on all things Asian, weird, or just musings about life.

    Plus the geeky stuff — like those food flag things you posted once?

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