Mar 5, 2010  •  In Pregnancy

The Second Prenatal Visit

I just returned from my second visit and everything went well! Praise God!

We were able to see the baby moving around, and the heart was flickering like crazy. The baby looked like a gummi bear!

I hate these ultrasound pictures because you can barely see anything. The doctor we had today didn’t seem to be as interested in getting us a good ultrasound picture, as our last doctor had been. I also thought I would be getting a vaginal ultrasound again, but this was done abdominally. Hence the less details.

Our next OB appointment isn’t scheduled for another 4 weeks, but in-between I will be having my first trimester screening (more technically known as the nuchal translucency scan, or NT scan) at the hospital. I will be about 12 weeks along then, so we will be able to see the baby’s features and even get the famous profile shot!

I know that I am still not in the clear, and that I won’t be until I deliver a healthy child. They say that the real worrying comes when the baby is born…but if I’m this worried and anxious now, how will I be 7 months down the road?

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2 Responses to “The Second Prenatal Visit”

  1. Liesal says:

    I’m so excited for you that everything is going so well! You and baby geek are still in my prays to keep you both safe!

  2. Tara says:

    There’s never any getting around those parental worries. But I found that it DOES get easier as you go along. You’ll find out encouraging test results (and I just know they’ll be encouraging), your baby will grow stronger and stronger, and eventually you will feel him/her kick as a constant reminder that all is well in there….

    And also: Squee! Isn’t it exciting to see that little life within you??!? Moved us to tears every time.

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