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Week 10

Dear Baby,

Congratulations on reaching week 10! I celebrate each new week with a prayer and renewed hope. You are truly a gift and I can not be thankful enough.

You are now the size of a kumquat, or a small prune as pictured to the left. The best news? You have now passed the most critical stage of development! From now on your tissues and organs will only continue to grow and mature.

All of your vital organs are in place and starting to function. Last week I mentioned that you have started to urinate…well now you’re beginning to poop as well. It’s a bit gross when you think about it, but I’m happy to know that this is all normal.

They say that if I could take a look inside my womb right now, I will be able to see tiny fingernails developing. Fingernails, baby! I would also be able to see tiny peachfuzz developing on your body.

One last big milestone — you are developing reflexes! It may not seem like a big deal, but knowing that you are now able to instinctively protect yourself (no matter how small of a movement) makes your momma smile like an idiot.

As for your mom? Some of the most attractive parts of pregnancy — bloating, gas, and constipation — are now in full effect. My stomach looks to be about 4 months pregnant just from the excess gas and bloating. Sometimes it is so painful that I have to contort myself in various yoga-like positions in order to even let out a little burp. As for constipation, I sometimes go for days and days without being able to relieve myself…and I could swear that I pack on an extra 5 lbs on days like this!

Note to self: seek pregnancy-safe remedies ASAP.

Despite these discomforts, I am loving pregnancy. I am not complaining about the above symptoms; I was just stating the mere facts. I know how blessed I am to be carrying a baby…and especially in light of my last loss, I have nothing but joy and thankfulness for this miracle.

I love you, baby, and keep growing well!

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2 Responses to “Week 10”

  1. Amber says:

    Congrats on week 10!! Much hope and love for continuing good updates and fun facts!

  2. Ashley says:

    Benefiber has been a lifesaver for me for the constipation, I’d highly recommend using it or something similar if you’re not already. Also, never in my life would I think I’d get excited about "needing to go."

    Also, much congrats on week 10! 🙂

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