Apr 4, 2008  •  In Geek, Shopping

There’s No Place Like

Many years back I discovered a wonderful online store called ThinkGeek.com. I have ordered many items since then but my mind always lingered on the very first item that caught my attention: the There’s No Place Like Doormat.

(If you’re not a geek like me and don’t understand what the mat says, go read http://www.tech-faq.com/

I always vowed that when I get my own place I would prominently display this mat at my front door. (And is it just a coincidence that my birthday numbers are 127? I think not.)

Now, after having closed the condo and all the repairs done, I’ve slowly started to move in. I’m not quite living there yet, but my mind immediately thought back to this doormat.

I ordered it a few days ago and it arrived last night. 🙂

Welcome to geekdom, my friends.

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