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Thursday Geek-isms

TGIAF! (the A stands for “almost”) Is it me or was this week unbearably long?

I’m still in my busy season at work so I feel especially uninspired when I come home, preferring to zone out rather than actually write anything. But I’ll be back in a few weeks…I promise! And I’ll be switching over to Squarespace, so be prepared for a site redesign!

    1. Favre to remain a Packer … on Madden cover (EA has a plan!), Joystiq. Mr Favre? When you decided to come out of “retirement” did you not expect an onslaught of criticism (see Michael Jordan)? Despite the naysayers, you have decided return to the NFL and the team that groomed you and made you a star has traded you to the Jets. But…oh wait! EA planned to have you on the cover of Madden 09! As a Packer! And the game is set to be released next week! Whatever shall happen? EA’s answer is to provide an image of the new cover that can be printed and stuck over the old one. Hilarious. We’ll just have to see if the Madden Curse will stick with Green Bay or continue on with the Jets.


    1. Sony Ericsson depletes stash of product names, announces slim T700 phone, Engadget. I’m not a fan of SE’s bar phones, but this design speaks to me. I’m not sure what it is, because it’s basically their usual design flattened into a skinny mofo. The specs aren’t magnificent but they’re pretty decent. Definitely one to check out come Q4.


    1. Knitting all of Mario level one into a giant scarf, Boing Boing. If I had the time, I would be making sooooo much Nintendo/gaming-related home items…


    1. Carnegie Mellon brings adhesive arms to the burgeoning pillbot scene, Engadget. Score another one for CMU’s CHI (computer-human interaction) team! Not only does it have arms, it might also be fitted with lasers! Pillbots with freakin’ laser beams!


    1. 5 Scientists Who Went Too Far in the Name of Science, Neatorama. I’ve always been interested in weird facts like this…but wow. Can you imagine actually dying of fright from a science experiment?


    1. Election ’08: Voting For Star Wars Characters, Geekologie. Yoda FTW in election ’08!


    1. Calvin and Jobs Kick Steve’s Nuts, Gizmodo. Heck I love me my Calvin & Hobbes. These are pretty hysterical if you’ve been following Apple news for the past couple of months.


    1. Allan Houston…making a comeback, The Knicks Fix. Allen? I can call you Allen, right? Remember me, the short little Asian girl who almost had a heart attack at the sight of you and managed to stutter her way to an autograph at Slate? Please read #1 above. Got that? As much as I *heart* you, I don’t think it’ll be a good idea for you to return to the NBA. However, if you do come back, well, I’ll come stalk you again.


    1. Wahlberg: Max Payne ‘is my favourite role so far’ Joystiq. Max Payne. One of the most popular third-person shooter games in the US. Mark Wahlberg. He’s had his share of crappy movies but the majority of his roles are pretty brilliant. Am I looking forward to this movie? Heck yes.


    1. Guest Review: Millennium Falcon Legacy Edition by Heroes Producer Jesse Alexander, Gizmodo. Oh. Em. Gee. My heart flutters! Beautiful. Sniff.


    1. Apple extends AT&T exclusivity to 2010, TUAW. Unless AT&T starts farting rainbows, I guess I won’t be getting an iPhone until 2010, at least.


  1. ‘Biggest Military Hack of All Time’ Was Done Over a 56k Connection, Gizmodo. Remember the movie Hackers? The one with Angelina Jolie (before she got popular) and her first husband? Man I loved that movie. Do you remember the scene where the hackers are ooh’ing and aah’ing over a new laptop that has the newest and fastest 56k modem? Haha those were the days. So I guess hacking a system with a turtle-like speed is possible, because this guy did it!

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