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Twitter Mug

Earlier this week, I read about the TwitSig mug. Using the TwitSig website, you create your own Twitter image, upload it to Zazzle, and viola! You get your own Twitter mug!

(image from the TwitSig Zazzle page)

I immediately knew that I needed to get a mug for J, who is one of the most avid users of Twitter I know. In other words, a total Twitter whore.

However, when I tried using the TwitSig site, I wasn’t too impressed by the graphics. Here’s what you get when you plug in my Twitter account:

I wasn’t thrilled about the image resolution either, and I know what DPI is key when printing on items.

So I did what anyone who is Photoshop-saavy would do and created my own:

I chose one of our favorite quotes from one of our favorite movies, Zoolander.

12:07pm alludes to “our” number, 127 (my bday is 12/7 and his is 1/27). I couldn’t do 12:70 because that doesn’t exist…..but at the time, I had a momentary brain fart and completely forgot that I
could’ve chosen 01:27 instead. Doh!

And, April 18 2008 was our wedding day.

I also made sure to include the URL of his Twitter page.

Another advantage of creating my own design was that I wanted to keep the present a complete surprise, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that with TwitSig – I would’ve had to ask him to Twit exactly what I wanted on the mug.

I received the mug in the mail this morning and I couldn’t be more happy. J was ecstatic – he knew I was working on “a surprise” but he had no idea what it was. He was very, very happy about the mug.

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