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Thursday Geek-isms

The lovely Ellie (of The Lucky Nest fame) wrote this delightful limerick for me:

I once knew a lady named Jenny
Whose smile was a bright as a penny
Her marriage was bunk
(Due to legalese junk)
Still, it was better than many.

No one’s ever written a poem for/about me before so I literally did a little hop and a skip as I read it. Thank you!

On to the links…

  1. Mozilla Crowns Best Firefox 3 Extensions, Lifehacker. J has a gazillion and one extensions installed on his Firefox. Me? Only a few. But the some of the extensions on this list really look interesting, like Read It Later (self-explanatory) and Callout (porn, anyone?).
  2. Gaming Lookalikes, Cloud Strife & Andy Warhol. Mario & Borat. The best one, however, has to be Master Chief & the Samsung Silencio SC9540 vaccumn cleaner.
  3. Culture Shapes How People See Faces, Wired Science. Westerners look to the eyes first, then the mouth. Asians focus on the center of the face. And according to scientists, the western approach is more intimate, while the Asian way is more formal and holistic. Prett interesting stuff, to say the least.
  4. Scorned Women, Jazebel. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I think that the worst I ever did after finding out an ex had been cheating on me (then he dumped me, to boot) was lock myself in my apartment for a week, cry myself to oblivion and lose 5 lbs by not being able to eat. Some of the stuff in this gallery is serious. There are some vengeful and pure crazy women out there. Wowza.
  5. LG’s Prada II? Boy Genius Report. The original LG Prada phone is actually a favorite cell phone design of mine. Sleek and minimalistic…if only the price tag weren’t so exhorbitant. I like the LG Prada II design even better for its slide-out QWERTY keyboard. If this photo turns out to be real, I’d be very interested to research all its specs in detail.
  6. 19 Terrifying Incidents Involving Fish, Neatorama. It’s no secret that I have a great fear of fish and birds. “Fish?!?” people ask me. “But they’re in tanks. Or at least contained in water. Why are you scared of them?” HA! Now you see why!
  7. Best NY Closets: Anna Sui & More, Apartment Therapy. Remember that scene in Sex and the City movie where Big proposes to Carrie with a fabulous walk-in closet? Sigh. I’m not too into clothes, shoes, or accessories (designer bags excluded) but I am a nut for organization and these closets are a dream.
  8. Private Browsing Coming to IE? Mashable. I’m happy to say that I wasn’t the only dirty-minded person reading this announcement.
  9. Push pulled from latest iPhone firmware beta, TUAW. I think this was a smart move on Apple’s part. A better idea would’ve been to not call it “push” in the first place, because it technically wasn’t.
  10. NBA Will Try To Go Where No Major Has Gone Before: Live Streaming In Local Markets, paidContent. I’ve never been one for live streaming feeds (unless I have no access to a television) but this sounds interesting, because it’s never been successfully done before. Will it work?
  11. A first look at the Google Android SDK, VentureBeat. The web was abuzz this week with the official announcement from T-Mobile about the availability of the HTC Dream, as well as the release of the latest Google Android SDK v0.9. Despite some of the negative press that Android has been receiving, I’m hopeful.
  12. The Force Unleashed video dump may ‘blow your mind’, Joystiq. The Force Unleashed has to be one of the most anticipated video games of the year. These videos only adds to the hype, because frankly, the game looks sick. Especially the first video. Wow.

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