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Transport to Squarespace…Complete!

I know I had been talking about making the transition to Squarespace, but have been putting it off until inspiration hit – I get bored too easily and want a site redesign! I had figured that I would hit two birds with one stone by redesigning the site and making the switch at the same time.

However, while high on Midol last Friday, I asked myself why I couldn’t make the switch and worry about the redesign later.

So I did it.

I moved all my old posts to Squarespace this past weekend. You’re now looking at Geek in Heels, powered by Squarespace.

A few things I noticed in the transition:

  1. It took a bit getting used to, but WOW! Squarespace is so much more powerful than WordPress. Much more user-friendly and even the nit-picky CSS customizations are actually FUN!
  2. I *heart* the built-in image resizer! After you upload an image, you have the option to resize the image permanently or create a thumbnail (whose size you specify) that links to the full image. For an example, see my post on Megan Fox. Click on any of the pictures and the full-size image will show on a new window.
  3. The built-in gallery is awesome too. (See it in action here.) My only wish is that there is an option to embed a gallery into a blog post, but from reading the forum I think they’re working on that.
  4. The search engine seems to be a lot more powerful than the standard WordPress one. I know you can install plug-ins to enhance the WordPress search engines, but the Squarespace is so fast and intuitive!

I must mention that although Squarespace offers easy import options, I decided not to use it because I’m anal like that. Thus, all my comments are gone!  🙁  So please comment lots to make up for it!

I will probably be making a lot of UI changes to the site within the next few weeks, so please stay patient. Thanks for reading!

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5 Responses to “Transport to Squarespace…Complete!”

  1. Shell says:

    Awful about no comments! But Squarespace sounds even better now!

  2. Gloria says:

    hooray! glad to see that the switch was easy and you’re liking it. it makes me feel better knowing that ss users enjoy all of davin & co.’s hard work and somewhat justifies our time apart 🙂

    oh and because of you, i’m addicted to weddingbee and my google reader is overflowing with new items all the time!

  3. Tony says:

    ahn nyung. welcome. i also made the switch as well and currently working on the site… nice!!!!

  4. Geek in Heels says:

    @Shell – I keep discovering new and cool things as I dig deeper. This is awesome!

    @Gloria – Thanks for the hookup! I really appreciate it…this is so much better than WordPress! Oh and how can you not get addicted to Weddingbee? My wedding’s over but I still keep in touch with all the girls because they’re all so creative and talented. Have you thought about starting a blog about wedding planning? If so you should apply to be a Bee!

    @Tony – Let me know when your switch is complete – I’d love to see your site!

  5. Davin says:

    Glad you’re liking Squarespace. And remember, anytime you need help or have a suggestion, email me or support or go to the developers forum. We’re trying to get our response time in support below half an hour… one of our many perks.

    Now, we just gotta make more people aware we exist. Have fun!

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