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Acme Made Camera Bag

There are bag hags and shoe whores.

I am definitely the former.

J doesn’t understand why I have an entire section of the closet devoted to my numerous bags. He still doesn’t get the concept of dust bags –

“Why do you need a bag for a bag?”

“To keep my lovelies dust-free, silly.”

“Can you at least sacrifice one shelf for my comic books and toys?”


Ain’t marriage grand?

With my love for handbags and gadgets, it’s a no-brainer that I love bags for my gadgets too. When I got a new MacBook Pro earlier this year, I searched high and low for a laptop bag that would stylishly house my baby. My top choice was The Minimalist by Zegari:

As much as I wanted to spring $300 for a laptop bag, I just couldn’t afford it with the new condo and upcoming wedding. I decided to go the safe route with Acme Made, which IMO produces some of the best laptop bags around.

I went with The Trixy:

The brown with pink trim was sold out everywhere, but I put my googling skills to good use and found an obscure luggage store in Pennsylvania that carried it in my desired color and had it shipped to NY.

Today I read that Acme Made will be releasing a new bag for DLSRs in November. The camera bag will be shaped like a bowling bag and is aptly named “The Bowler”. Lined with quilted satin with hidden side pockets and an adjustable padded divider, the bag is utterly and undeniably adorable.

At $39.99, the price isn’t a dealbreaker either.

(I don’t have a DSLR yet, but I do plan on purchasing the Nikon D90 come Christmas time.)

Via Wired.

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  1. cara says:

    Hello from an old CSHS buddy. 🙂 I actually have a purse from Kenneth Cole that is styled like a doctor’s bag. I padded half of it with inserts from various camera backpacks, and I just stick my camera there and use the other half for my wallet, cell, keys, etc. It works out pretty well since usually I carry around my 50mm lens. It also fits a 17-40L (I use Canon) pretty well. I bought tons of camera bags over the years, and this one has actually worked out the best for me, since I actually bring it out. The Acme Made still screams "camera bag" to me with the double zipper opening. Mine is probably slightly less well padded, but I’ve discovered (once I got over babying my camera) that DSLRs are hardier than you think. 🙂

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