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Wishing for Boredom

Thank you all very much for your kind comments regarding my father. I received word that he was discharged from the hospital about an hour ago, and is well on his way to recovery.

I wanted so badly to be see him again today, but I could not as I had Claire to take care of and the hospital, like most, does not allow babies to visit. But I’m sure that my own anguish was nothing compared to my mother’s, who had her own store to watch and could not be by his side even when she first received word of the incident yesterday. Luckily, my sister was able to cancel her plans to stay with my father yesterday and today.

I think that in light of the past couple of weeks, I have the right to be completely sick of drama of all sorts. To be sick of hospitals, of pain, and of worry. I am praying that the rest of the summer will remain incident-free, and even hope for some boredom.

Despite all this, I remain thankful. I know that my appendicitis, my father’s injuries, and even seemingly insignificant events, could have been much worse. I am glad that we are both recovering well and that our family has grown closer together as a result.

And just to keep a record of my own physical recovery, here is a picture of my stomach that J took for me just now. The three incision scars really don’t look that bad, just two weeks after surgery. Oh, and I guess this could be my 27 weeks pregnant belly shot. 🙂

(I’ve decided to make the picture only viewable via a click since I know that some
people feel squeamish about scars, and/or they prefer not to see a bare pregnant belly.
And please excuse my hairy stomach — it’s another lovely by-product of pregnancy.)

 I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

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3 Responses to “Wishing for Boredom”

  1. Suzan says:

    Glad to hear your father is doing better! And wow, you have zero stretch marks! Are you using something for them?

    • I got some stretch marks on the sides of my hips when I was pregnant with Claire, but they’re fairly small and almost always covered by the sides of my undies. And I only used stretch mark cream when I could remember. With this pregnancy, I haven’t used any stretch mark creams at all and I haven’t gotten any new ones.

      I honestly think it has to do with genetics more than anything else, because my mother got them in the same exact places when she was pregnant with me!

  2. Palila says:

    Also glad your dad’s recovering. And your incision sites are nicely placed- I’m sort of jealous. Mine include one right through my belly button!

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