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Internet Filtration System of the Year

I don’t consider myself a grammar nazi, but it really, really bugs me when people can’t seem to distinguish between your vs. you’re, then vs. than, they’re vs. their vs. there, and so forth.

Somehow, these errors almost seem contagious on the internet, don’t they? 😉

Matthew Baldwin has come up with a clever solution for this problem. His proposal, Internet Access CAPTCHAS, is designed to keep certain grammatically-challenged people off the web:

Site administrators use CAPTCHAs to prevent automated scripts from performing certain functions, such as creating an account, sending email to a distribution list, or participating in a discussion thread. 

That’s fine, as far as it goes. But, frankly, I’d also like to see certain people on the Internet prevented from doing certain things. You know, like: logging onto the Internet. 

And so, a modest proposal: Internet Access Captchas, built right into browsers, designed to greatly reduce the overabundance of youtube commenters, Facebookers, and Twittererers.

And just in case you’re too lazy to click on over to see this awesomeness in action, here are a few screenshots. First, the CAPTCHA system:

What happens when you pass:

What happens when you fail:


Ingenious, I tell ya.

Via The Daily What.

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10 Responses to “Internet Filtration System of the Year”

  1. John says:

    This concept works for me. But why not exterminate them when they fail the grammar text? So they cannot pass their inadequate genes on any further…..

  2. Petra Liverani says:

    A lot of instances of homophone-related errors: you’re instead of your, their instead of there (and vice versa), etc. I would class more as typos rather than grammatical errors. People often know the correct form but simply slip up typing.

    • Toby's dad says:

      I worked with a chap who seemed to rely on spell checker and then quite often selected the wrong option. I am sure that he was just confused and could not tell which option was correct.

  3. John Allred says:

    Petra, I think you’re too kind. While slip-ups do occur, there are a depressingly large number of people who not only can’t spell, but will consistently choose the wrong item in your/you’re, then/than or other such pairs.

    I have a good friend who is an incredible leader, writes powerful and imaginative web sites, has earned a master’s degree, and he can’t write two sentences together without at least one spelling or grammar error.

    I’d hate to see him banned from the Internet, but he’d certainly qualify for the All-Time Hall of Shame.

  4. Andy says:

    Apart from those already mentioned I have two other pet hates. Loose instead of lose and ‘for free’ instead of free or ‘for nothing’.

  5. Ramo says:

    I saw this idea and thought it deserved to be made into a reality. However, instead of completely blocking access, this can be used in place of regular captchas. Its ridiculously easy to be added to a website.

  6. Serena says:

    I love this Jenny. . . and love proper usage of grammar. 🙂

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