Aug 19, 2009  •  In Funny, Twitter, Web

Woofer – When 140 Characters Isn’t Nearly Enough

Are you a verbose social media enthusiast?

Do you feel constrained and suffocated by Twitter’s 140-character maximum?

Do you ever start a tweet, only to be rejected by its imposing character maximum, shake your fists to the Twitter gods while shouting “Eff it! Who needs Twitter? I don’t!”… only to sheepishly return a mere hour later?

Because I certainly don’t. 

Now there is a option for you: Woofer, which requires a minimum of 1,400 characters.

As you can see, I chose my first woof as The Declaration of Independence. I am DECLARING my INDEPENDENCE from Twitter…get it? Hardy har har!

Woofer is entirely designed as a novelty site. It even has a link at the upper right corner titled, “Is this Twitter?” Click on it to be taken to this amusing page:

I am curiously reminded of HugeURL.

Via The Next Web.

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