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Things That Makes Me Sweat and Shake


There are 3 things that make me unnecessarily nervous:
1.  The “icy” warning in my car’s dashboard whenever the temperature dips below freezing. Do car manufacturers think we’re idiots? Isn’t it obvious that the roads may be icy when it’s this cold?

I know that the warning is meant to be just that: a warning. But it still makes me extremely anxious whenever I glance down at the dashboard to see this little word whilst driving in freezing conditions.
2.  A “price upon request” label on products in magazines. Especially when it pertains to items I like.
I currently don’t…

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If NFL Quarterbacks Were Mobile Phones…


This weekend will determine who goes to Super Bowl XLVII. Two teams will begin to ready themselves for one of the biggest games they will ever play, while the remaining two will go home crestfallen and utterly disappointed (so close, yet so far…).
Y’all know who I’ll be rooting for — what about you? 
In honor of the upcoming championship game, Phandroid.com, in conjunction with WinSource.com and iSource.com, has created a funny graphic which answers the following question: If mobile phones were NFL quarterbacks, who would they be? (Although if you want to be technical, the question should start with…

Cool Tool Tuesdays: Camera360

Welcome to today’s installment of Cool Tool Tuesdays, where I feature a favorite item from my life and spotlight it so that others who are not familiar with the product may also benefit from it. A cool tool can be any book, gadget, software, hardware, material, or website that I have personally tried and love.
Do you have any questions about today’s cool tool? Would you like an item featured in the future? Please leave a comment to this post, or send me a message via my contact form. Enjoy!

Do you know any iPhone users from our generation who…

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3 Things I’m Digging Right Now

1. 7 Little Words
This little app has got me losing sleep and seeing word combos everywhere! (Similar to when you play Tetris for too long, you start seeing Tetris shapes in your head. :-P) I’ve gotten a bunch of my friends hooked on it too, including J, who usually hates word games.
I’m going to let the following screenshots do the explaining for you:

I highly, highly recommend this game for all my readers…even if you normally don’t like word games!
Get the Android version here.
Get the iOS version here.
2. Divergent
Last month, I fell on…

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Androidify Yourself

Androidify is a free app in the Android Market which allows you to craft your own version of the Android robot. Yes, it is yet another “create your own avatar” application, but it’s pretty amusing for Android fans such as myself.

There is even an option to add a baby Android robot —

Here is my own Androidified self, complete with a steaming cup of coffee and a book. And I just couldn’t resist the shirt with the Korean flag on it.

Watch the video below to learn more about Androidify. Have fun Android-ifying yourself!

Via Engadget.…