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Mario Live Wallpaper for Android [zOMG!]

Here’s another one for my fellow Android fans: a Super Mario Live Wallpaper!

If your phone runs Android 2.1 or higher, this FREE download allows you to mimic a non-interactive game right in the background of your phone. The game isn’t pre-recorded, but it’s not playable either; it is created on-the-fly using random level generators and an artificial intelligence that controls Mario.

There are three visual themes for the levels — outside, underground and castle — all based on stuff that should be familiar to anyone who has played the old Mario games.

The only downside is that the live wallpaper would (unsurprisingly) drain your battery pretty quickly. As such, I imagine that many Android users will download it for the fun factor but not have it running at all times. If anything, it’s another way to one-up iPhone users, since the iPhone just got support for regular wallpapers through iOS 4.

If you are viewing this post from your Android phone, use this link for a direct download. Or, scan this QR code for immediate access:

Via Engadget.

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7 Responses to “Mario Live Wallpaper for Android [zOMG!]”

  1. Nicky :) says:

    This is the second android-ish thing you’ve posted that I’ve had to share with my hubby 🙂 First, DSI Miami; he showed it off in work the next day with all the guys he works with (hubby works for mobile phone software company) and they all had lots of fun! Now Mario Live……my hubby is going to think he’s died and gone to heaven!

    By the way, your blog rocks 🙂

  2. Nani says:

    ahh!! so cool!! now I am going to check it I have this available!

  3. Jimmer says:


  4. Opiboble Inte says:

    Sweet find, and great timing! (Just updated my HTC Hero to 2.1)

  5. Jenna says:

    So, neither the link nor the QR code work for me, and I can’t seem to find it on the market. What am I doing wrooong?

  6. Geek in Heels says:

    @Jenna — If your phone is running 2.1 or above, it may just be that your particular build (remember, many manufacturers like Motorola and HTC have their own versions of each Android release) does not support animated wallpapers. According to the product’s website, you’ll need to download the APK from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=710647

  7. kissmo says:

    MArio…World of fun in mobile..?Then it will be great to have such..

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