Jun 3, 2010  •  In Android, Funny, Gadgets, Geek

DSI: Miami may be the greatest Android app ever

1. Open the app 2. Follow the on-screen directions: 3. Listen to the glorious “YEAAAAHHHHHHH!” that comes blaring from your phone and read the one-liner that pops up on screen: *Sunglasses not included   I have downloaded and tested the app myself and can attest to its utter awesomeness. Horatio Caine rocks. Via Gizmodo. You […]

Jan 16, 2010  •  In Android, Gadgets, Geek, Reviews

Motorola Droid Review

J isn’t one for extravagant gifts, but this past Christmas he gifted me with something I had been drooling over for a very long time: the Motorola Droid. I convinced J to order the phone through Amazon, since its $149.99 pricetag was a lot more attractive than the $199.99 offered by Verizon Wireless stores. (Note: […]

Nov 6, 2009  •  In Android, Apple, Gadgets, Geek

How Many iPhone Apps Do You Use?

I admit it — I’m a cell phone whore. And as much as I love my HTC G1, I hate, hate, HATE the T-Mobile network. The problem is made worse by the fact that I had switched over to T-Mobile from Verizon (the best network in the U.S.) for the G1. I refuse to switch […]

Dec 24, 2008  •  In Android, Gadgets, Geek

I Gots Myself a G1!

As much as I love my Voyager, I think I’ve overused it. I use it in lieu of an iPod or the radio. I activate its kickass navigation system (which talks to me!) whenever driving to an unknown location. I overdose on its web browser. So it did not come as a surprise when the […]

Dec 14, 2008  •  In Android, Gadgets

Let’s Move to China

Lenovo (yes, that Lenovo – the one that doesn’t make cell phones) has designed a cell phone to comply to China Mobile’s Open Mobile System, with Google’s Android at its core. The thing is, it looks pretty dope. Deliciously beautiful, in fact. Too bad we will never see it stateside. After my elation at such […]