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12 Meme Days

Considering that the 12 Days of Christmas now costs over $100,000, this version is a more affordable — and certainly more humorous — option. Merry Rage-mas and Happy Meme-days! Via Rage Comics. P.S. — Geek in Heels is today’s featured blog at BlogAd’s gift-a-day holiday calender! For a limited time, get 30% off the purchase […]

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Guest Post: On Writing

Writer’s block. Lack of inspiration. They are the bane of any blogger’s existence, and I must confess that they occasionally make me want to just throw in the towel too. Today, Katie writes about how she finds inspiration and even gives us a few choice quotes that may help other bloggers tackle writer’s block as […]

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anniegurumi: My SIL’s New Blog!

As previously mentioned on this blog, J’s brother and his wife recently moved from living just 20 blocks away to all the way to the other side of the world…to Shanghai, China. Ever since I became a mother, I came to value my family more and more, and my BIL and SIL are no exception. […]

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Gobble, Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for the 3 F’s: family, food, and football. What more can a girl ask for? 😉 (image source) Guest posts will resume tomorrow, and I hope to be back to my regular blogging schedule within a week. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at a project I’ve […]

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Happy Halloween!

Psst! I’m guest blogging over at She Likes Ruffles, He Likes Truffles today! Head on over and say hi! And be sure to check out rest of Katie’s blog, which is always filled with great anecdotes and eye candy in the way of food, fashion, and life in sunny Florida! Happy Halloween, everyone! Seeing as I’m about […]