Sep 3, 2012  •  In Baby, Cute, Parenting, Touching, Travel

Parenting WIN [Flying with Babies]

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day! We had a fun-packed weekend of parties, cakes, and Korean BBQ. For those who traveled this past vacation — especially with babies, no less — here’s a salute to you, and an inspiring story of consideration from the parents of 14-week-old twins. Yesterday, Redditor gigantomachy uploaded the following photo […]

Aug 27, 2012  •  In Aerin, Claire, Motherhood, Parenting, Personal

Kicked in the Chest

Yesterday, I experienced one of the deepest disappointments in my experience of motherhood thus far. Yesterday, Claire got physically violent toward her younger sister. Aerin was trying to climb onto Claire’s chair — the seat she practically considers to be her throne — and Claire expectedly became upset. She then proceeded to KICK Aerin. It wasn’t […]

Jul 31, 2012  •  In Aerin, Baby, Claire, Motherhood, Parenting, Personal

Night and Day

This past weekend — at just shy of 9 months of age — Aerin finally sprouted her first two teeth. As I proudly ran my finger over Aerin’s new incisors (and got repeatedly bitten in the process, as having her mother’s finger shoved in her mouth is something that she obviously does not like), I […]