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Night and Day

This past weekend — at just shy of 9 months of age — Aerin finally sprouted her first two teeth.
As I proudly ran my finger over Aerin’s new incisors (and got repeatedly bitten in the process, as having her mother’s finger shoved in her mouth is something that she obviously does not like), I couldn’t help but think back to when Claire got her first teeth at 6 months of age. I had expected Aerin to get her first teeth at approximately the same age too, so the 3-month difference — which is quite large in a baby time…

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How to Cut Babies’ Nails

I used to dread cutting my children’s nails.
I know that many mothers do it while their babies are asleep, but my kids sleep in dark rooms (with black-out curtains) so that idea is out. I also know some mom bite their babies’ nails. Well, those moms must have really sharp teeth because I have found that practically impossible!
Confession: while attempting to clip their nails, I have cut into both Claire and Aerin’s skin several times. And as any decent mother can tell you, making your own child bleed her own blood (anyone know what movie that’s from? ) …

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Should Mommy Blogs Be Censored?

The praise I receive most from readers of this blog is regarding my honesty. How I am not afraid to tell it like it is. And while I must confess that I have shared some nitty gritty details of motherhood and parenthood  (and gotten in trouble for it in the past), I have found myself censoring my thoughts more and more lately.
A couple of months ago, The Skeptical OB wrote a blog post titled “Are the young children of mommy bloggers ‘fair game’? Their mothers think they are.” According to Dr. Amy, mommy blogs are selfish and damaging to…

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“Darth Vader and Son”

What if Darth Vader were around to see Luke grow up? What if he took an active role in his childhood and did all the things that ordinary dads do with their sons?
Author and illustrator Jeffrey Brown has taken up this challenge in Darth Vader and Son, which paints a lovely and hilarious alternate reality of Darth Vader as an everyday father. Among the many scenarios depicted in the book, Vader teaches Luke how to use a lightsaber, takes him toy-shopping, and even goes trick-or-treating with him!…

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More Difficult Than Twins

The first few weeks without J’s parents weren’t too bad. I really thought that I could do this.
But in the past week, Claire has started to act up.
My parents think that it’s because up until now, Aerin was still a young infant — just kind of there, taking up and room and requiring only the most basic needs met. But now that she is really starting to become interactive, not only demanding more of my attention but also garnering more from others as well with her smiling, cooing demeanor, Claire has begun to take notice.
And she does…