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Notorious Trailer

My first boyfriend was a gangsta. It was the stereotypical good girl-bad boy relationship. Although it was probably the unhealthiest relationship I’ve ever been in, I picked up quite a few things from him. For example, I’ve only tried weed a couple of times, but I can discern between the different strains and can distinguish […]

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Acme Made Camera Bag

There are bag hags and shoe whores. I am definitely the former. J doesn’t understand why I have an entire section of the closet devoted to my numerous bags. He still doesn’t get the concept of dust bags – “Why do you need a bag for a bag?” “To keep my lovelies dust-free, silly.” “Can […]

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Transport to Squarespace…Complete!

I know I had been talking about making the transition to Squarespace, but have been putting it off until inspiration hit – I get bored too easily and want a site redesign! I had figured that I would hit two birds with one stone by redesigning the site and making the switch at the same […]

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If the NFL Had a Facebook Page…

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Campaign Ads

For a laugh, check out’s What Campaign Ads Would Look Like If the Voting Age Was 6. My favorites: I just saw on CNN that McCain’s still not sure about holding the debate today. Hmm… Update: the debate is on! Will you be staying home tonight to watch it? You may also like: 13 […]

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Thursday Geek-isms

Today was a great day. I started the day by buying tickets to the Knicks opening game against Miami (considering the numbers from Miami last season, my boys better start this season 1-0!). I plan on attending more Knicks game this season…heck I work practically on top of the Garden – I might as well […]

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To Photoshop or Not?

We received the digital proofs from our wedding photographer, Danny Weiss, a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve been honing my Photoshop techniques on these gorgeous photos. A bit of desaturation here, some level adjustments there, and voila! Good post-processing can really help add emotion to a photo, or change the look and feel altogether. […]

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I’ve been cooking a lot more in the past few months in order to save money. Many women say that they do not have the time or energy to cook dinner after a hard day at the office, so I guess I’m lucky in the sense that I work for a non-profit and get to […]

Sep 23, 2008  •  In Personal

NJ Transit Needs to Step Up with More Buses

Dear NJ Transit, The faltering economy and high gas prices have driven a record number of commuters to the public transportation system. Each week I see the evidence of this as your buses become more and more crowded. In the past weeks, however, I have become increasingly frustrated as bus ridership has skyrocketed. Buses zoom […]

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Yet Another Thing to Love About the Mac

As soon as I switched over to the Mac years back, I bought a big-ass book on Mac OS X and trained myself on the ways of the force…err, Apple. This book taught me many tricks that continue to amaze my friends, even to this day. However, I had never known about this Mac screen trick! Do as the […]