Nov 30, 2009  •  In Christianity, Relationships

Would You Choose Your Spouse or Child?

A New Zealand man was forced to make a terrible choice when his wife and son were trapped in a sinking car. He chose to save his wife, and their 13 year old son drowned. Man had to choose: save wife or son In the months prior to our wedding, J and I attended weekly […]

Nov 28, 2009  •  In Art/Design, Geek, Home, Wishlist

Photoshop Magnet Kit

The handmade version may have more clout, but here’s one for the rest of us: The only thing I can suggest is that they add a cursor (and perhaps a spinning Mac ball to make it super-realistic). Get your own at ThinkGeek. You may also like: Penguin Paperback Style Covers for Video Games OMGz I […]

Nov 28, 2009  •  In Personal

Shiny Happy People Piss Me Off

Sometimes I fear that there is something dreadfully wrong with me, because happy people piss me off. Share a rant, and I’ll be there to defend you. Tell a sob story and I’ll run over with tissues. But gush on and on about how fantastic life is? Not only do I find you boring, I’ll […]

Nov 24, 2009  •  In Blogging, Facebook, Personal, Twitter, Web

On Oversharing, Part 2

As if the first time around wasn’t bad enough… Lately I have been confronted by friends and family who asked me not to share so much online, FOR MY OWN GOOD. The “inappropriateness” of my blog (and what I choose to share on Facebook and Twitter) was not only limited to the pregnancy and miscarriage, […]

Nov 23, 2009  •  In Personal

Gobble, Gobble

Posting will be light this week as I spend time with family. You may also like: The Neverending Period My Top 7 Foundations Happy Father’s Day 15 Years Ago Today…

Nov 22, 2009  •  In Art/Design, Blogging, Web

A New Manifesto

Seek the lofty by reading, hearing and seeing great work at some moment every day.             ~ Thornton Wilder Last week, a friend posed the question Why I Blog. (Why Do You?) The post was perfectly timed, because I had been struggling with the premise behind this blog for the past few weeks. Technorati’s 10 most […]

Nov 22, 2009  •  In Geek, Music, Photography, Star Wars

Star Wars: In Concert

Yesterday J and I attended Star Wars: In Concert at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ. It was…SPECTACULAR. I loved it. We recorded a video of the opening number. I loved how they included the THX and 20th Century Fox music at the beginning, just like at the movies! Here is J’s Flickr set […]

Nov 21, 2009  •  In Asian, Beauty, Personal, Reviews

Steam Perm

My natural hair is stick straight and has the tendency to hang straight down with no body or movement, as you can see from this photo of myself at 16: The Asian glamour photos that were so popular in the 90s. No matter how short I cut my hair, how much layers were cut in, […]

Nov 20, 2009  •  In Books, Geek, Music, Star Wars

In Two Hours, I’ll Be Waiting in Line…

No, not for Twilight (err, New Moon? Pale Moon?). I hate Twilight. I thought the book was so poorly written that I found the movie — which I downloaded to watch one night while battling insomnia, then trashed immediately after viewing — to be better because at least all the pages full of “staring longingly […]

Nov 20, 2009  •  In Blogging, Personal, Wedding

The Black “Bee” of the Group

Being accepted as a blogger for Weddingbee has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have forged amazing friendships, learned a great deal about blogging (and being a better person in general), and have found a treasure trove of inspiration for all aspects of my life. That being said, I sometimes […]