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Star Wars Deleted Scene

And I can’t blame them. Carrie Fisher looked fantastic in that outfit. Via Geeks are Sexy. P.S. — See the inspiration behind Princess Leia’s iconic bikini here! You may also like: “3-CPO” Once Upon an Internet Google Translate: Star Wars Edition A Visualization of Star Wars Enthusiasm

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Creationary: A Pictionary Game with Legos

And here I thought Cranium went all-out when they replaced pictures with clay. Check out the product page here. It seems a bit pricey at $34, but I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem for Lego and/or boardgame enthusiasts. Next up: a Pictionary game with origami (I kid). Via CrunchGear. You may also like: The […]

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The Hats Stole the Show

I wasn’t planning on waking up at the crack ass of dawn to watch the royal wedding, but apparently my cranky daughter had other plans by waking up with a screamfest at 4am and refusing to go back to sleep. You guys, I think I may have a future princess-wannabe on my hands. Or at […]

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Go the F**k to Sleep

I first saw this book on Boing Boing two days ago, and while I found it to be hilarious, I hesitated in sharing it here. Because as funny as I — among others — may find this book, I’m sure that there are parents out there who would find it horrifyingly inappropriate. My dark side […]

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Claire’s First Teeth

Ever since Claire first started teething I have been examining her mouth and gums with care every morning. Well, last night she woke up at 3am and refused to go back to sleep. J stayed up to take care of her until 7am when I took over so that he can get in a power […]

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I just had a mommy breakdown. J was about to leave for work when I burst into tears. He decided to work from home this morning and ordered to go get some rest. But how could I, when I am surrounded by a thick fog of guilt? How could I, when there are dishes to […]

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Harry Potter, Abridged [Comics]

After visiting Harry Potter: The Exhibition in person, AND knowing that the final movie is due to be released in theaters in just a couple of months, I have slowly started to re-read the entire series again (probably for about the sixth time). I don’t know what it is about J.K. Rowling, but that woman […]

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The Gender Guessing Game

It is no secret that I would prefer BebeDeux to be a boy. If so we’d have one of each and we’d be done! Be that as it may, I wouldn’t be upset if BebeDeux turns out to be a girl. After all, dontcha know that two girls are the best? 😉 We were excited […]

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A Chemistry Kit with No Chemicals

Last night, The Daily What featured a children’s chemistry set called Chemistry 60 which boasts “60 fun activities with no chemicals.” Sadly enough, I was not surprised. You already know my thoughts on this matter. It’s actually a pretty clever marketing technique when you think about it. Because most children’s chemistry kits available to consumers today are quite […]

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Smashbox Perfectly Polished Lids Giveaway!

Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go your way? Well, today was like that for me. And because I always feel better when I can help brighten someone else’s day… I’m giving away a Smashbox Perfectly Polished Lids makeup set! (Disclaimer: I received this set for free by trading in 500 […]