May 29, 2011  •  In Claire, Parenting, Personal, Relationships

Enjoying a Lazy Weekend

While Claire’s nighttime sleep has somewhat returned to normal, her naps are still a mess. All week I had been dealing with 15-30 minute naps…and she only takes two per day! I try to make up for her lack of sleep with early bedtimes, but keeping a cranky, teething (no top teeth yet), sleep-deprived baby […]

May 26, 2011  •  In Entertainment, Gadgets, Geek, Home, Personal

Going Cable-Free, the Geek Way

Late last year J and I made the decision to cancel our cable. Not because we had stopped watching TV, but because we were no longer watching our favorite shows as they air. Sure, the DVR that our cable company had provided was getting a lot of mileage, but we couldn’t ignore the fact that […]

May 25, 2011  •  In Baby, Claire, Motherhood, Personal

A Half-Assed Update

Claire woke up no less than nine times last night. Each time with an agonizing scream that pierced my heart. Needless to say, I got very, very little sleep. I decided to take her to the doctor this morning in order to ensure that there was nothing physically wrong with her. I was particularly concerned […]

May 24, 2011  •  In Education, Personal, Relationships

Education Regrets

With the increasing number of studies and articles questioning the value of college degrees, in addition to the declining rates of employment and starting salaries among new graduates, it is no wonder that today’s young adults are fraught with regrets about their college choices. According to a recent study by Rutgers University’s Heldrich Center for Workforce […]

May 24, 2011  •  In Baby, Claire, Parenting, Personal

Growing Pains

About a month ago, Claire’s first two teeth popped out. And the very next day, she no longer started screaming for (seemingly) no reason and resumed waking up only once per night. And within days of that, she *magically* started sleeping a full 12-13 hours through the night. And taking at least one 1-hour nap […]

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This is a perfect illustration of what happens on my bed when Comang decides that walking around me would take too much effort. Via You may also like: 13 Reasons Why Humans Are the Cutest Animals Website of the Day: Sad Animal Facts Mr. Men, Millennials Edition 3 Things I Found on the Internet […]

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One… Holy crap can you believe this is a cupcake??!?? Via This Isn’t Happiness.   Two… The difference a year makes: Via Young Me/Now Me.   Three… Age verification win: Via The Fail Blog.   Four… The Legion of Super-Groomsmen: Via Wired: Geek Dad.   Five… And just because I can:   P.S. — Someone […]

May 16, 2011  •  In Aerin, Personal, Pregnancy


I woke up this morning to some cramping and bleeding. A visit to the doctor showed that BebeDeux is doing fine and that my cervix is still closed, but I have been diagnosed with marginal placenta previa which may have caused the bleeding. Nonetheless, I have been put on bedrest for a few days. Needless […]