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Healing, and Thank Yous

This week has been one of the longest of my life. I know that an appendectomy — a laparoscopic appendectomy, no less — is considered a fairly common and simple procedure in modern medicine. But with the pregnancy having slowed my healing time in addition to lowering my threshold for pain (both very common pregnancy […]

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I am currently writing this on my phone while lying in bed at the hospital. Early yesterday morning I woke up to excruciating abdominal pain, similar to the severe round ligament pain I had experienced during my pregnancy with Claire. With this pregnancy being so similar to the last, I had believed myself to have […]

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I have never been the type of person who proclaims “Genius!” whenever a child learns or picks up new skills. While I would smile warmly at the parents who had just bragged about how their kid is already reading at the age of 3, I would think inside my head, “Pssh. Lots of people know […]

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Cloud Strife’s Sword

Final Fantasy 7 has always been, and probably will remain, my favorite of all the FF video games. I still remember being awed by Sephiroth (I even had a small crush on him  ;-)), crying when Aerith died, and becoming utterly consumed by the mystery surrounding Jenova. There have always been an abundance of fan-made art, fanfics, […]

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Mr. Jay Cutler

On the first day of fifth grade, Mr. Jay Cutler introduced himself as our English teacher for the rest of the school year. He then promised us that he would walk across the classroom on his hands whenever the entire class completed their homework. “You may think I’m lying, but I’m not,” he told us. […]

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How to Instantly Cool Down a Car

Here in the NYC area, we are currently experiencing what may become the hottest week of the year.  🙁  Summer has always been my least favorite season because I loathe the heat, humidity, and yes, even the longer days. As anyone who has traveled in a vehicle during the peak of summer can attest, one of […]

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Discontinued! (Farewell, MAC Liquidlast Eyeliner)

I like trying on new makeup and beauty products, but I actually do not use many items on a regular basis. (And since becoming a mother, I don’t even wash my face regularly anymore.) I am also very particular and picky when it comes to the stuff I put on my face. As such, there are […]

Jul 18, 2011  •  In Geek, Information, Science

Visual Proof of Pi

As someone who sucks at math and much prefers the visual method of learning, I can’t help but proclaim to everyone else who are as mathematically challenged that this animated GIF makes it sooooo much easier to understand pi! Reminds me of the Visual Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem. Via I Love Charts. You may also […]

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Claire’s Baptism

Yesterday, our daughter Claire Emmanuelle was baptized.  🙂 I know that many babies usually get baptized a lot earlier than our daughter’s 9 months. And the main reason for the delay was due to our church’s serious stance on baptism — we, as parents, had to take several classes to prepare, to decide whether we […]