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Zombie Attack Barbie

I have never been a doll person, even as a little girl. Would I be opposed to my girls gettings Barbies or other dolls? No, but that doesn’t mean that I would prefer them to get something else, like a Transformer. 😉 The Zombie Attack Barbie, on the other hand, is a doll I can get […]

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Guest Post: On Writing

Writer’s block. Lack of inspiration. They are the bane of any blogger’s existence, and I must confess that they occasionally make me want to just throw in the towel too. Today, Katie writes about how she finds inspiration and even gives us a few choice quotes that may help other bloggers tackle writer’s block as […]

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The Cutest (Little) Printer You’ve Ever Seen

I may be a geek and a gadget-lover, but I don’t always embrace new technology. I like to stay old-school in some aspects of my life, including my preferences of old-fashioned books over e-readers, physical keyboards over touchscreens, and even a pad & pencil over many phone apps. And this is precisely why I love the […]

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Baby Announcement Video

After watching this kickass stop-motion video announcing the birth of baby Althea Elicona, I wish I had been more creative in announcing my pregnancies and the births of my children… Via You may also like: Parenting WIN [Flying with Babies] We All Have Superpowers [Comic] “Once Upon a Time” — A Fairy Tale Themed Baby […]

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Guest Post: iPhones for Babies

In this day and age, I honestly do not know a family (in real life, not ones I only know through the internet) who never lets their babies play with their touchscreen phones or tablets. In fact, the Nabi Tablet — the first Android tablet that is designed for kids — is currently at the […]

Nov 27, 2011  •  In Entertainment, Funny, Movies

Keeping a Promise

I knew that the actor who plays Rick Grimes on AMC’s The Walking Dead looked familiar — he was the artist who secretly loved Keira Knightly’s character in Love Actually! …And according to this humorous gem, he did keep his promise. 😀 And now that Christmas is drawing near, I need to watch Love Actually again. Via Picshag.  You may […]

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anniegurumi: My SIL’s New Blog!

As previously mentioned on this blog, J’s brother and his wife recently moved from living just 20 blocks away to all the way to the other side of the world…to Shanghai, China. Ever since I became a mother, I came to value my family more and more, and my BIL and SIL are no exception. […]

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Guest Post: Shoes

Today, I present to you another guest post from Nicholas Stirling. Here, he writes about his adorable daughter Abby and her squeaky shoes. I confess that I used to find these shoes annoying, but have completely changed my mind once I became a mother and began to see their usefulness, as well as the joy […]