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The Cutest (Little) Printer You’ve Ever Seen

I may be a geek and a gadget-lover, but I don’t always embrace new technology. I like to stay old-school in some aspects of my life, including my preferences of old-fashioned books over e-readers, physical keyboards over touchscreens, and even a pad & pencil over many phone apps.

And this is precisely why I love the Little Printer.

Created by London-based design firm BERG and running on BERG Cloud, a web-based system for controlling wireless products, the Little Printer is an adorable web-enabled printer that prints mini-newspapers containing content from the Internet. Users select the content — anything from news to puzzles to status updates from friends — using an iPhone or Android app.

In other words, it makes mini receipt-sized newspapers!

Check out these examples of what the Little Printer can spit out — birthday reminders, puzzles, news headlines, and  to-do lists…oh my!

For more uses (including a running coach), be sure to check out the website!

I know that some readers may see the Little Printer as a giant waste of ink and paper. But I know that anyone who prefers physical reminders and lists over digital ones — or even anyone with an often-used bulletin board, would greatly appreciate this little device.

Besides, it’s just so darn cute. 🙂

Pre-orders for the Little Printer will begin in 2012, at which point Little Printer will launch in beta form.

Via TechCrunch.

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3 Responses to “The Cutest (Little) Printer You’ve Ever Seen”

  1. Amanda says:

    Wow, that is so cool! I’m definitely a paper person so having something like that would be fantastic!

  2. Sarah says:

    This? Is genius! I love the fact that you could print out the birthdays of the week to encourage you to remember! I wish I had a job so I could get myself one of these fancy things!!

  3. Stephanie D says:

    The little agenda is adorable. One more thing I don’t need, but still love!

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