Jan 31, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Books

Noma Bar’s Guess Who?

I recently came across some minimalist portraits of cultural icons by Israeli illustrator Noma Bar. I was immediately drawn to these pieces for their brilliant use of negative space, elegant subtlety, as well as Bar’s use of an object or symbol embedded in the design that helps identify the subject. (I especially love Bill Murray’s!) […]

Jan 30, 2012  •  In Christianity, Funny, Sports

The Tim Hawkins Guide to Worship Signals

In preparation for Superbowl XLVI, Christian comedian Tim Hawkins has created this official handbook of worship signals…non-denominational, of course. 😉  I’m sure all my Christian readers — in addition to anyone else who have witnessed passionate Christian worship — will appreciate this with a big laugh. You may also like: The Bible in TL;DR Form […]

Jan 29, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Entertainment

Can You Recognize Them All?

A good illustrator can capture the essence of a person or a character without having to make the illustration look exactly like the person it is based on. And this is precisely what Anna Rettberg has done in the following illustrated mashup of popular television characters from various shows. Check them out — isn’t it amazing how […]

Jan 28, 2012  •  In Aerin, Baby, Claire, Parenting

Helping Mommy Out

My mother has been telling me ever since Aerin was born that the best way I will survive the next two decades is by getting both girls to help me out as soon, and as often as possible. Obviously this is still an unreasonable request to ask of Aerin, but now that Claire is walking […]

Jan 27, 2012  •  In Funny, Marketing/Advertising

This Is How You Look When You’re Drunk

Danish bus company Movia runs a night bus service which caters to the Copenhagen party crowd and other nocturnal creatures. This double layered video (which activates on mouseover) acts as a reminder to the folks who continue to party late into the wee hours of the morning when taking the night bus might be a better option. Or, […]

Jan 27, 2012  •  In Personal

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend!

J turns 34 today. I see no reason to hide his age, because he becomes more handsome, more delightful, and more lovable to me with each passing year.  A snapshot of my handsome husband as he waits for me on our wedding day.(Photo by Danny Weiss) Circa 1997. We look SO young here! Our bodies […]