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A Lady in the Streets but a Freak in the Sheets

A guy friend recently lamented, “It is so hard to find a girl who is a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.”

Now I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean this in a purely sexual way…rather, he was frustrated that all the girls he’s been meeting are party animals or goody two shoes. He is looking for a nice mix of the two, but was having trouble finding attractive girls who are proper and fun.

The conversation reminded me of another friend who broke with his girlfriend a few years ago. They had been dating for some time, and externally had a great relationship. The break-up seemed to come out of nowhere.

The reason he cited for the break-up was, “She’s not the type of girl you bring home to your mom.”

Since then, all the girls he’s dated were respectable “good girls” who embodied wholesomeness.

I once read in a women’s magazine that while men tend to date the party girls in their earlier years, they end up settling down with the good girls.

Do you think this is true?

Or do they, like my first friend, try to find a proper lady who also knows when and how to let her hair loose?

I was a complete party girl when I first met J. Going out every weekend, drinking several times a week, and staying out till the wee hours of dawn.

I admit that I’ve settled down since then; however, I like to think that I can still party and go wild when appropriate.

Although J is married and into his thirties now, I don’t think he’s quite “settled” yet. He goes out far more frequently than I do and sometimes even encourages me to revert back to my old ways.

At the same time, I’m sure he’s grateful that his parents view me as a respectable girl with good manners.

So yes, I guess he got a good mix of the two.  😉

Do you think you’re a good girl or a party girl? Or do you think you mix the two archetypes well?

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