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Author Venn Diagram

I can’t say that I have read all of these authors so I do not feel that I have the right to properly place judgement on the diagram. However, I do agree with the creator of the diagram that good writing should come from all three places: the head (pros: cerebral, conceptual; cons: didactic, dry), the mouth(pros: language, poetics; cons: empty banter, pure form), and the heart (pros: empathic, intimate; cons: sentimental, emotional).


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2 Responses to “Author Venn Diagram”

  1. How interesting! I’m not sure I’d have put Kafka there but it’s pretty cool!!

  2. Grace says:

    I like the diagram concept too; pretty interesting.

    The author gets a fail for author classification though: I don’t see how Mark Twain (a humorist who wrote largely in dialect) counts as “head”, or why Orwell, who has such a beautiful writing style, does not fall into “mouth”. Maybe he/she hasn’t read all of the authors either?

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