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Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine!

You guys, I discovered the best thing today…

A Calvin and Hobbes search engine!!!

Calvin and Hobbes remains my favorite comic strip despite the fact that it is no longer published. And as I have written in the past, one of my all-time favorite gifts from J is the Calvin and Hobbes Boxed Set. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to enjoy this mischievous duo! (But let’s just hope they don’t learn any bad things from it! 😉 )

The only thing I didn’t like about Calvin and Hobbes was that there are literally thousands of strips out there — 3,160 to be exact — so it can be a PITA when you’re trying to look for a specific strip.

But now, my prayers have been answered.

Just enter the term into the search box and voilà! A comprehensive results page displays all strips with that search term, along with information of its release date, a summary of the strip and the compilations in which it has been republished.

And for those wondering, “By Bing? Is the search engine powered by Microsoft Bing?” the answer is no. Bing just happens to be the nickname of the creator, Michael Yingling.

I’m so happy right now.  :mrgreen:

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2 Responses to “Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine!”

  1. Allie says:

    I always liked the snowman comics with Calvin’s creations, they were so messed up and hilarious!

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