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Swarovski’s Zodiac Goddesses

I’m not one for zodiacs, but I couldn’t resist sharing these exquisite photos from a German issue of Vogue. What an alluring way to promote your brand! Aquarius: You may also like: Disney Princesses Meet Haute Couture IKEA Kitchenware Transformed into Art [Photography] Secret Invasion Ads, Remixed “Photoshop” in the 1930s

Jan 14, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Home, Marketing/Advertising, Photography

IKEA Kitchenware Transformed into Art [Photography]

IKEA has once again teamed up with photographer Carl Kleiner for a new campaign that highlights its kitchenware. Evoking the successful Homemade is Best campaign, Kleiner, in conjunction with stylist Evelina Bratell, has beautified simple bowls, plates, utensils, and the like into divine works of art. For more information, be sure to check out and Via Trendland. You may […]

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Guest Post: Survival of the Fittest

Our next guest post comes courtesy of one of my favorite contributors from last year: father, teacher, and writer Nicholas Stirling. I couldn’t help but be ecstatic when he agreed to contribute again, and that he wrote TWO pieces for my maternity-blogging-leave. In this first piece, he writes about an experience that required the strongest […]

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Baby Recreates Scenes from Famous Movies

For the past four months, baby Arthur has been helping his mother recreate scenes from famous movies, with predictably adorable results. I can’t help but be reminded of Mila’s Daydreams, except with a funny twist. 😀  The Blair Witch Project:   12 Angry Men:   American Beauty:   Rambo: First Blood:   Close Encounters of the […]

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Guest Post: New vs. Newer

The following post comes from Karen of Modern Organic Living. Karen and her husband are currently expecting their first child, and I must say that she is sporting one of the cutest belly bumps I’ve seen in quite some time! Here, she ponders a dilemma that plagues geeks and gadget-lovers on a constant basis: what […]

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Engagement Photos of the Year [Zombies]

It is no secret that J and I share a love for the zombie genre — books, movies, video games, and even reenactments. (Also, is it wrong that I totally want to get Pat the Zombie for Claire?) As such, I couldn’t help but find the engagement photos of Juliana S. Park and Benjamin J. Lee […]